Blencathra became a recording studio as activists used music to raise awareness for their cause.

The Friends of Blencathra, an action group wanting the £1.75million mountain to be sold into public ownership, sang a version of Woody Guthrie’s 1944 song ‘This Land is Your Land’.

Lyrics were changed to include ‘from Grizedale Forest up to Blencathra, this land was made for you and me’ - outlining the group’s belief that Lakeland’s landscape belongs to the public, not a potential millionaire buyer.

Dave Cumlin, a musician from West Cumbria, came up with the idea.

He said: “The song raises questions about who owns the land and tackles some issues surrounding Blencathra.

" Does it belong to the people who work it? It’s an issue that dates back to the 1700s and the Enclosure Act.

"This is an opportunity for people to come together and have a good old sing.


"People feel really strongly about the mountain and singing is one of the best ways to bring people together.”

More than thirty people sang on the record, with many playing instruments such as the violin and the saxophone.

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