BACK at the Brewery - and Kendal College students aim to get the Kendal arts centre bouncing once again.

In the Brewery spotlight from Thursday-Saturday, June12-14 (7.30pm), head of drama Hilary Pezet’s all-singing, all-dancing college performers focus on Sunshine on Leith.

Written by Stephen Greenhorn, the show features the songs of Scottish band The Proclaimers and follows the highs and lows of Ally and his friend Davy as they return to Leith from the army.

Families, friendships and life are not all plain sailing in what is a funny and moving story about love and life.

With a cast of thousands (more than 40) and a full live band, Sunshine is a vibrant, energetic piece of musical theatre.

Hilary says that after the success of last year’s Our House it was really difficult to find a show that had the same feeling with a mixture of a great story, wonderful music and comedy.

She adds: “Sunshine on Leith fitted the bill.

“The 2014 film was ‘loosely’ based on the original award-winning stage production from the Dundee Rep. As a stage show it is different because from start to finish it bursts with energy and highlights the fantastic songs.”

The story is set today and addresses wide sweeping issues such as Scottish politics, women’s rights and the value of family but through song, comedy and beautifully observed relationships that draw you in.

“It may be written about a town in Scotland but it speaks for any town, anywhere about belonging,” continues Hilary.

From Letter to America to 500 Miles and, of course, Sunshine on Leith, Hilary says the clever script fits them all in without it being a “juke box musical.”

“The songs are complex, as you would expect from the gifted composers and musicians that the Proclaimers are.”

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