A SOUTH Lakes mum has become an internet publishing success after thousands of readers downloaded her first two novels.

Brooke Powley, of Ambleside, sold 12,500 copies of her debut novel The Missing Half after it was published eight months ago.

Now in just five weeks, the 29-year-old’s second book Letting Go Of Emma has already reached more than 2,500 sales.

Brooke is busy by day with her partner Peter and daughter Ava, a part-time job, a cat, a tortoise and five hens but once her family are safely tucked up for the night, she dreams up characters not unlike ordinary people but in life events or situations that expose them to the sort of moral dilemmas that nobody would ever want to face.

They also have elements of mystery and intrigue, of unexplained events conspiring to create havoc in the present as the story unfolds and the tension tightens. It’s anything but ordinary as family secrets are laid bare by sudden tragedy and lives ripped apart.

Brooke said: “The book didn't come from any personal experiences and the plot was more complex than my first book, so the planning took some time.


“A lot of people have found Letting Go Of Emma after reading and enjoying The Missing Half.

“Sometimes it's hard to stay positive on a day you don't sell many books — but I have to remember that most self published authors fail to sell a hundred of any book in a year.”

To buy the book in printed version, or to download it, go to Amazon or Kindle, or brookepowley.com