Thousands descended on Lowther Castle as the BBC's antiques experts came to town.

The Antiques Roadshow attracted visitors from as far away as Washington DC as well as a whole host of weird and wonderful items.

Perhaps the highest valued item, as well as the most unusual, was a stuffed terrier dog worth a staggering £900.

Incredibly, the dog used to belong to the Lowther family and probably roamed the same grounds used to host the Roadshow.

But this was not the only item that returned to its original home.

A 100 year old silver vase brought along by Katie Aris, 18, turned out to have originally come from Lowther Castle.

Katie's great grandfather won a sheep dog trial on the castle grounds and the vase was his prize.

Katie, from Penrith, said: "It feels like it's coming home.

"The experts said that when my great grandad won they must have gone into the kitchens and given this to him as a trophy.

"They say it's solid silver and worth around £300 but we're keeping it in the family for now."

A life-size Margaret Thatcher doll from 'Spitting Image' was one of the stranger items on display.

Fiona Bruce, presenter of Antiques Roadshow and regular anchor on BBC News at Ten, spoke to the Gazette about why Cumbria is perfect for this type of event.

She said: "I mean, look at it - it's incredible.

"It's like a film set.

"When the sun is out like today it's an incredibly romantic place.

"Lowther Castle is incredible - you can even imagine all those years ago when they played war games with a real army out here."