ORGANISERS of an Ulverston festival which attracted comedian and Have I Got News For You Star Paul Merton say they are already looking forward to planning the next one.

More than 1,000 people descended on seven venues on Sat-urday for Another Fine Fest.

The event, dedicated to coincide with the birthday of Ulverston’s most famous son, Stan Laurel, saw a raft of street performers, musicians and artists bring laughter and entertainment to the town.

Paul Merton performed an impromptu comedy show based entirely on suggestions from the audience at the Roxy Cinema on Saturday night.

Bands and groups performed at The Laurel and Hardy Museum, Roxy Cinema, Natterjacks, Amigos, The Sun, The Hope and Anchor and The Mill.

“It exceeded all expectations and the feedback has been completely overwhelming and non-stop,” said one of the organisers Dave Crossley.

“Our Twitter and Facebook sites have gone crazy and our website is getting hits from all over the world.”

He said a survey they were running suggested that people wanted the event to happen again, but over two days.


Mr Crossley added: “We would like to give thanks and love to each and every person that did so much including the promoters, the performers, all the staff and volunteers, the very generous people that donated, every single person behind the scenes and everyone that came and made the atmosphere so warm and friendly.

“I can't wait to meet up with the team again and start planning the next one which will certainly be even bigger and better.”