FOUR of the UK's leading concept artists who worked on films like The Dark Knight Returns, Star Wars and the Harry Potter films, are coming to Kendal.

Rob Bliss, Adam Brockbank, Glynn Dillon and Dermot Power are attending this October's Lakes International Comic Art Festival for a special panel on comics and film.

The event will be presented by lecturer and film curator John McShane.

The four artists are said to all share a passion for comics and enjoy seeing them make the leap from page to screen.


Organisers of the event say they will 'reveal their process, inspiration and some trade secrets too'.

"It's an opportunity to find out more about the origins of the look of film versions of characters such as Batman villain The Joker, of whom Bliss says he was "just trying to make him look as unhinged as possible."

The event will showcase the fabulous work of the four artists and reveal how they move from concept to page to screen, revealing the artistry of concept artists as well as the process of film-making.

It will also explore their starting points and real inspiration.

The panel is aimed at comic and film art fans alike and suitable for families.

For details and to book tickets for the event between 17-19 October visit: