AN entrepreneur who has worked in cities around the world is now offering his services to firms in South Lakeland.

Sean Eatherden, 56, hopes to inject more fun into team building after having set challenges to workforces in London, New York, Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona, among others.

The freelancer, who runs Head To Foot, is now based in Endmoor and has come up with a challenge close to his home turf.

Kendopoly is primarily aimed at the corporate market and is designed to be as ‘unintimidating’ as possible for wary workers who are cynical about team-building zaniness.


Staff take along a camera, maps and clues and then complete 20 fun challenges around Kendal involving local landmarks and snap-ping fun photos of participants with props.

Mr Eatherden says that as well as helping staff work together better, the idea is to improve their on-the-ground knowledge of the area and discover things about the town that they did not know.

He said: “Every event has a deadline, a strategy, a goal and some bonding and fun – and a chance to learn along the way.

“Attitudes to team-buil-ding are changing. Once it was all about climbing up freezing mountains or getting soaked on a boat, with this there’s a fun element, a positive outcome and it’s unintimidating.

“By splitting the teams up, the you see both the creative and the practical side of people and everyone goes been through the same experience and finishes the day having learned something about where they are and each other.”

Locally, clients have included companies like the Dovenest Group, and Farm Smart Events, but as a freelance, Sean regularly goes to London to support other larger organisations for national brands.

He was formerly managing director of team-buil-ding firm Catalyst, based at Mealbank, which he sold in 2008.

l For weddings, he has devised a version of the Kendopoly challenge for different towns so brides and grooms can give it to guests to introduce them to the area before the big day.