THE Cumbrian-born world-renowned nuclear engineering expert, Dr Dame Sue Ion, is to receive one of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s most prestigious accolades for her outstanding service to the nuclear industry, the Academy itself and to the wider world of engineering.

Dame Sue is the first woman to win the academy's President's Medal since it was inaugurated in 1987. She will be presented with the award on Wednesday (July 2) by academy president Sir John Parker at the annual Academy Awards Dinner to be held at London’s Royal Opera House.

The President’s Medal recognises significant contribution to the Academy’s aims and work through the recipient’s initiative in promoting excellence in engineering.

Dame Sue, who was born in Carlisle in 1955, was appointed chair of the Nuclear Innovation Research Advisory Board by the Government in January 2014. She has served two terms between 2004 and 2011 on the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, where her contributions were acknowledged as substantial in its energy-related work. She represents the UK on the European Commission EURATOM Science and Technology Committee and is an international member of the US Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee.