CUMBRIA Police have issued a warning after reports of a scam caller claiming to be a police officer.

The caller claims that they are following up enquiries following an accident and police believe that they are doing it in order to claim compensation.

The number they are calling from is 01618182004 - police have advised people to ignore or hang up calls from this number. 

Inspector Jon Sherlock said: “Police officers will always identify themselves by name and the station they are attached to.


"Unfortunately there are people out there who will attempt to obtain  information fraudulently. I strongly advise anyone who receives calls like this to hang up immediately.

“If you are ever unsure if a call from the police is genuine, ask for the person’s name and then hang up.

"Using a different phone, as the caller may still be linked to yours, dial 101 and ask for that specific person – if they are genuine, the Communications Centre will be able to put you through to them.”

For more advice, please contact Action Fraud at or contact the Action Fraud Hotline on 0300 123 2040.