AMBLESIDE residents were out in large numbers on Saturday (July 5) to celebrate the centuries-old tradition of the town’s Rushbearing.

Generations of families joined together to parade their rushbearings round the streets, in a re-enactment of the time when fresh rushes were strewn each July to cover the earthen floor of the old church.


The Harp of David was carried by Luke Todd, and the World by Gerrard Meneaud, the churchwardens’ staves by Helen Minton and Bill Heywood, and the Crown by Jane Gomersall.

Special bearings were also carried by Emily Scott and Tessa Knowles who both achieved 100 per cent attendance records at Ambleside Primary School and by Faye Logan and Lisa Morton for making the greatest progress in Key Stage 2.

Burneside Brass Band accompanied the procession as it passed by the Bridge House, up Smithy Brow and down North Road to pause at the Market Place for the raising of the bearings and the singing of the Rushbearing hymn.

A short service followed outside St Mary’s Parish Church conducted by the Loughrigg Team Rector, the Rev Tim Ball, with assistant priest Nick Hallam, the Rev Les Hann from the Methodist Church and Fr Kevan Dorgan from Mater Amabilis RC Church.

After the open air address the bearings were carried into church to be displayed over the weekend and the service concluded in church with prayers, followed by the giving out of the traditional gingerbread reward to all who walked in the procession.

After tea, children took part in the Rushbearing Sports on the Kelsick field, climaxing in the grand finale of the Loughrigg Fell Race.

As in 2013, twins James and Harry Bowen fought it out neck and neck to take first and second places in the race, with James triumphing in 11mins 54 seconds, and Harry hot on his heels at 12.09.

Last year James won by six seconds over his twin. Daniel Sanderson was third in 13-58.

First girl home was Holly Glaister in 15-25, with Bethan Rowley runner-up in 16-47 and Tessa Knowles was third in 20-27.

The sports were organised by Ambleside Firefighters; prizes presented by Coun Fiona Sparrow, vice-chairman of Lakes Parish Council.

Full results of the Rushbearing Sports:

Flat Race, Pre-School Girls: 1 Akiva Peterkin; 2 Ellie Dickinson; 3 Isla Wilson & Esme Lakin.

Pre-School Boys: 1 Jude Burt; 2 Archie Tarn-Atherton; 3 Ted Iveson.

Nursery Girls: Kara Vandermerwe.

Nursery Boys, 1 Jamie Bowe; 2 Lucas Smith; 3 Elliot Bill.

Reception Girls: 1 Alile Robinson; 2 Sophie Winstanley; 3 Scarlett Evans.

Reception Boys: 1 Iestyn Morgan; 2 Charlie Harrison; 3 Leo Smith.

Year 1 Girls: 1 Ava Powley; 2 Erin Kirkham; 3 Lily Marsh.

Year 1 Boys: 1 Henry Kidd; 2 Joshua Dickinson; 3 Joshua Crook.

Year 2 Girls: 1 Jessica Crowe; 2 Nicole Dix; 3 Joss Evans.

Year 2 Boys: 1 Riley Moore; 2 Idris Morgan; 3 Jack Scott.

Egg and Spoon Race, Pre-School Girls: 1 Isla Wilson; 2 Akiva Peterkin; 3 Esme Lakin.

Pre-School Boys: 1 Ted Iveson; 2 Oliver Iveson; 3 Albion Cheng.

Nursery Girls: 1 Isla Wilson & Ellie Vandermerwe.

Nursery Boys: 1 Elliott Bill; 2 Jamie Bowe; 3 Lucas Smith & Jude Burt.

Reception Girls: 1 Alice Robinson; 2 Scarlett Evans; 3 Sophie Winstanley.

Reception Boys: 1 Zak Logan-Capstick; 2 Jayden Whitmore-Peterkin; 3 Leo Smith.

Year 1 Girls: 1 Erin Kirkham; 2 Ava Powley; 3 Lily Marsh.

Year 1 Boys: 1 Joshua Crook; 2 Charlie Scott; 3 Bobby Wilkin.

Year 2 Girls: 1 Lily Dann; 2 Jessica Crowe; 3 Isabelle Goodson.

Year 2 Boys: 1 Riley Moore; 2 Paddy Wood; 3 Jack Scott.

Flat Race 70 metres: Year 3 Girls: 1 Maisie Evans

Year 3 Boys: 1 Alfie Wilkin; 2 Daniel Lafferty; 3 Rory Knowles

Year 4 Girls: 1 Fabienne Meschino; 2 Libby Danby; 3 Peony Cheng.

Year 4 Boys: 1 James Bowen; 2 Harry Bowen; 3 William Durkin.

Year 5 Girls: 1 Bethan Rowley; 2 Giselle Meschino.

Year 5 Boys: 1 Alex Jackson; 2 Josh Dixon; 3 Daniel Sanderson.

Year 6 Girls: Holly Glaister; 2 Tessa Knowles; 3 Mia Coe.

Year 6 Boys: 1 Tom Burke

Flat Race 100 metres Secondary: Boys: 1 Jake Shuttleworth; 2 Luke Bowen; 3 Harry Sanderson.