AN apprentice mechanic received a six-month ban after driving his car without due care and attention and with no insurance.

South Lakeland Magistrates’ Court heard that Michael Edward Hardy, 21, of Field View, Natland, crashed his Nissan Skyline into a parked car in Kendal.


The court was told he had two female passengers in his car and one, who complained of chest and back injuries following the accident, described his driving as ‘erratic’ and believed he was showing off.

Hardy pleaded guilty to both offences by letter. He told the court that he was not showing off and that he thought there was a technical problem with the car.

“I believe my driving was stable up until I turned left at the traffic lights, and then I may have lost concentration,” he said.

For driving without insurance Hardy was fined £200 and had his licence endorsed with seven points.

Chairman of the bench Pam Keegan said: “Because of the totting-up procedure you now have 13 points and you will be disqualified for six months.”

He was also fined £135 for driving without due care and attention and was ordered to pay £250 compensation, £85 court costs and a £25 victim surcharge.