THE Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris has warned that EU red tape could 'decimate' the UK tourism industry.

The warning comes just months before the European Union’s bathing water directive comes into force next year which Mr Morris says will be 'twice as strict' as current legislation.

Mr Morris serves as the chairman of the parliamentary group representing coastal towns.


In a US interview, Mr Morris said: "This is European interference taken to a whole new level.

"This year people will swim in these waters without any problems at all but next year they will be warned they are dangerous.

"The water itself will be no different, the only thing that’s changed is that the EU has started meddling."

“Water quality on British coastlines are already tested by the UK Environment Agency and they say the water is safe. As do the thousands of people who swim in them, so why is it any of Brussels business?

“My worry is that people will take heed of these warnings and stop coming to British coastal towns as a result. This will decimate our tourism industry, in the same way quotas have already ruined our fishing industry.”