IDENTIFICATION rings have been placed on three osprey chicks thanks to the help of two climbers from Electricity North West.

Andy Garnett and Steve Tyson spent the day at the Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve, near Witherslack, with experts from Cumbria Wildlife Trust to climb the tree and set up a lowering rope system so the chicks could be lowered safely to the ground.

The chicks are the first to be born at reserve.

Martin Deehan, operations director for Electricity North West, said: “We’re delighted that we were able help Cumbria Wildlife Trust and to also get the chance to see these amazing birds up close.

“This work needed to be done quickly before the chicks got too big but we were happy to step in and assist them in climbing the tree safely.”

Charlotte Rowley, senior marketing officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: "Ringing our first osprey chicks has been a wonderful experience for all those involved at Cumbria Wildlife Trust and we’re happy that the ringing went so well.

"Thanks to climbers from Electricity North West and volunteer bird ringers we were able to take our three chicks safely from the nest and ring them on the ground.

"All three birds were ringed and weighed and were very healthy. We are looking forward to seeing them fledge in the next few weeks and seeing them off on their migration to Africa this autumn."