A FISHERMAN trapped on a sand bank in Morecambe Bay sparked a call out for rescuers today (Sunday).

Barrow RNLI and Ulverston Inshore Rescue attended this afternoon's incident near the River Leven estuary on the Flookburgh sands.

Liverpool Coastguard raised the alarm of a man trapped on a bank somewhere near the location given.


Officials said that despite the fine weather, there was a strong Force 5 breeze which was pushing the fast ebbing spring tide into waves with large swells of two metres.

Barrow RNLI were requested to search the Leven estuary between Chapel Island and Plumpton viaduct.

Officials for the RNLI said they arrived at the scene at 2.10pm and began to search while Ulverston Inshore Rescue searched the estuary from Plumpton viaduct towards Holker.

Rescuers said that at 2.18pm a fisherman was located on the sands and was positively identified as the person reported trapped.

He was described as fit and well despite the incident.

Barrow's inshore lifeboat, called the Vision of Tamworth, had been taking part in mock rescues at the annual Barrow RNLI gala at Roa Island, when it was called out.

John Falvey, Barrow lifeboat spokesman said: “It happened in front of the crowd, one minute the inshore boat was there and the next she was disappearing around the end of Foulney Island en route to this emergency.

"It was quite a rough passage for the crew and a total distance of about 13 miles. The outcome was good and the fisherman is safe and well, that’s the main thing.

"It was a little disappointing that they had to leave (the gala), but it is quite a common thing that when we have an event one or other of the boats gets an emergency call! When they found out why the boat had left the spectators were very appreciative."