CUMBRIA police have confirmed they are investigating 'a number' of allegations of historical child sex abuse.

The recent spate of high profile court cases, which has seen celebrities in the dock, has led to victims coming forward with complaints about sex abuse in their own childhoods.

Cumbria Police declined to give numbers or identify which, if any, institutions are the subject of any complaints, saying it was too early to do so.


A statement said: "A team of detectives are investigating these reports thoroughly, and it would inappropriate to confirm any details on individual cases at this stage."

And the senior investigating officer, DCI Doug Marshall, added: “Historical child abuse cases have been highlighted in the media in recent months, and as a result we have seen a rise in the number of incidents that are being reported to us that took place a number of years ago.

“We are committed to prosecuting anyone who is found to have been abusing and exploiting children or young people. It is never too late to report abuse, and all reports will be dealt with professionally and sensitively.”

Anyone who has any concerns, or would like to report sexual abuse, should call Cumbria Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.