SUSPECTED paedophiles have been arrested in Cumbria and North Yorkshire following a massive police operation.

The National Crime Agency launched Operation Notarise to target suspected paedophiles across Britain, and arrested 660 people in a single day.

Cumbria Police confirmed four people were arrested yesterday (Tuesday) and North Yorkshire Police confirmed 11 males, aged between 14 and 70, were also arrested - one from the Craven area and one from Richmondshire.


Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Mason, who is head of crime and justice at North Yorkshire Police, said: “This operation targeted suspected paedophiles accessing child abuse images online.

“Those responsible for such offending believed they were operating in an environment that was safe for them and would go undetected. The message is a simple one; no such place exists and perpetrators need to be under no doubt whatsoever that this type of offending will continue to be targeted with every effort made to secure criminal convictions and safeguard the children concerned.

“These arrests are indicative of the work going on across police forces every day to safeguard and protect some of the most vulnerable members of society. I echo Chief Constable Simon Bailey’s comments that nothing is more important for the police than protecting vulnerable people.

“We all have a responsibility to protect our children and it is vital that anyone who believes someone is involved in child abuse – which includes viewing images of abuse on their computer or mobile device – tells the police. It cannot, and must not, be kept hidden.”

To report a suspected child abuser call the police on 101.