Following recent reports of cash machines being tampered with, Cumbria Police are urging members of the public to be careful when using ATMs.

Cashpoints at the Cumberland Building Society, Lloyds TSB, Halifax Building Society and the National Westminster Building Centre in Barrow have been tampered with in recent weeks.

One was reported as recently as yesterday, July 16, at 2:12pm.

This is reminiscent of Kendal's cash machine fraud reported in the Gazette two months ago and whilst there have been no reports in Kendal since then, police are urging people to be vigilant when taking cash out.

Terry Belshaw, from the Community Safety Unit at Cumbria Police, said: “Cash machines that have been tampered with are not a new problem. Often skimming devices or trapping devices are placed on machines after close of business and removed before opening.

"I would encourage anyone who is using an ATM to check it looks normal, these devices can be sophisticated and can use pin head cameras.

“We would advise users to make sure that they have a thorough check of the ATM and lookout for the possible smell of adhesive, or anything stuck or attached.


"If you find cause for concern please report anything this to the company or the police. Taking an extra 30 seconds to check the machine is a small price to pay for keeping your money safe.

“I would also strongly encourage all companies that house cash machines to check them at the beginning and the end of the day.”

Anyone who has any concerns or has seen anything suspicious are asked to contact Cumbria Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.