POLICE in Cumbria used Tasers 81 times last year, according to a new report.

The figures, released by the Independent Complaints Commission (IPCC), are part of a review of complaints and incidents about Taser use from 2004 to 2013.

The report reveals that nationally Taser use has increased by 232 per cent, with the number of complaints rising in line with this.

In Cumbria the devices were used 81 times in 2013 – one of the lowest figures in the country In Lancashire there were 367 uses last year and 157 in North Yorkshire.


Both the lowest and highest figures were in London, with 13 Taser uses in the City of London and 2,110 in Metropolitan.

The report raises concerns about the use of Taser on people in police custody and on vulnerable people such as those with mental health concerns IPCC Commissioner Cindy Butts said there were legitimate reasons for using tasers, but it was important to ensure that the device was being used appropriately and not as a default choice.

The recommendations in the report include clearer guidance on the use of Taser in custody; robust monitoring of Taser use; and ensuring the selection process for Taser-trained officers and subsequent supervision is robust.