THE Westmorland show season opened with a jam-packed event in Furness which attracted praise from competitors, visitors and judges alike.

The North Lonsdale Agricultural Show set the bar for the rest of the season when it was held yesterday, with dozens of people hailing the bumper number of entries and the way the event has ‘truly settled’ into its new venue at Urswick.

“We come every year – it must be at least 10 years now,” said Roosebeck resident, Valerie Mellings, who attended with husband, Mark.

"It's been a great day and the show has really settled on this site since last year.

"There's always a lot to see and some great produce to buy too.

"It's been a brilliant day again."

The event, held for the first time last year on the Recreational Hall Fields at Urswick after moving from Bardsea, drew crowds from right around the North West.

Hundreds of competitors - 'well up' on last year's numbers - turned out to show off their cattle, sheep, horses, poultry, rabbits and fresh produce.

Entrants of all ages were later seen proudly clutching rosettes and trophies.

In the cattle ring Andrew Dennison, of Scales Park Farm, wowed judges with his three-year-old dairy Holstein, Denmire Goldwyn Reba, which took the champion cow prize for the second year in a row.

“I'm really pleased,” he said. “We just come to support our local show and to win is a bonus.

“The new venue must have brought us some good luck, as we've won both years since the show moved!”

In the sheep pen the overall champion was won by a three-year-old female Texel, owned by husband-and-wife team of Ian and Claire Shuttleworth, of Far Mountbarrow Farm, Ulverston.

“It makes all the hard work worth it,” said Mr Shuttleworth, just moments after the judge's decision was made.

“We spend a lot of time on the preparation, getting them ready.

“When it was raining this morning I was quite disheartened, it was a bit of a downer.

“But now the sun is shining and we're really pleased. We might go to Lowick and Broughton shows now too!”

Judges throughout the show spoke of the 'high quality' entries they had been faced with.

Chairman of the marquee committee Louise Storey said: “Last year we had just one or two entries in some classes and this year it has definitely gone up.

“The quality is fantastic too.”

However, the show's commentator failed to turn up, which led to a team of volunteers having to step in to take over the job.

Heavy rain also lashed the site as the show opened.

However, it managed to attract a large crowd - and a bit of sunshine - and show secretary Margaret Coward said she thought visitor numbers were at least equal to last year.

“The area has supported us once again,” she added.

“It has been a great day.

“The standard of showing and the number of entries have been much higher across all classes.

“We're very pleased with how the day has gone.”


Home Industries & Junior Marquee Lillian Tyson Memorial Salver, best exhibit: Mrs H Grundy; Mr & Mrs J Hornby Trophy, most points, home industries: Mrs A Ellwood; Furness YFC Club Leaders Trophy, most points U17: Robert Rawlinson; Mrs B Edmondson Salver, not a member YFC, U17: Lexi Brockbank; Lillian Tyson Memorial Salver, most points, U11: Harry Rawlinson; The Old Mill Cup, most points, U9: Harry Rawlinson; The Ghyll Garth Cup, most points, U7: Harry Rawlinson; The Marquee Committee Cup, most points U5: Indianna Foxon; The Domus Trophy, school with most points, U11,9,7,5: Low Furness School; Perpetual Silver Challenge Silver Trophy, most points, floral art: Mrs N Halpin; Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points, wine: Mrs B Taylor; Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points, horticulture: F Barnes; Perpetual Challenge Cup, best exhibit, floral art: Ulverston Flower Club; Elaine Petty Richardson Trophy, runner-up, floral art: Mrs N Halpin; Perpetual Challenge Trophy, group entry: Osmotherly & Mansrigg WI; Perpetual Challenge Cup, most points, home produce: Mrs S Benson.

Horses Dandy Memorial Cup, best veteran, Ruby Fountain; Grange Travel (Ulverston) Trophy, champion working hunter: Emily Myerscough; Exercise Vehicle Private Driving Shield, best exhibit: RE Dixon. John Shuttleworth Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, 17yrs & over: Alice Longmire. M Harland Memorial Trophy, highest placed competitor, 18yrs & over: Ashleigh Hale. Mrs Prue Harvey Silver Challenge Cup, best Furness Pony Club competitor, 12-16yrs: Tea Rehman. Lynn Worrall Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, 12-16yrs: Megan Cooper. Mr & Mrs J Dodd Perpetual Challenge Trophy, best Furness Pony Club competitor, U11: Maisie McKay. Mrs Murial Shaw Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, U11: Mandy Jeffrey. Tuck Ridden Fell Pony Trophy, best ridden pony: C Gaynor Smith. Patrick Family Trophy, best lead rein, U7: Charlie Geldart. Edgar Rawlinson Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, U7: Molly Anne Stephenson. James Milner Trophy, best exhibit: Linda Crayston. Jenny Bells Memorial Cup, champion mountain & moorland working hunter pony: Emily Gaynor Smith. J Hornby Perpetual Challenge, best exhibit: Sarah Hadwin. Dandy Memorial Cup, best veteran: Ruby Fountain. WD Opher CBE Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion saddle horse: Sarah Crosland. Grange Travel (Ulverston) Trophy, champion working hunter horse: Emily Myerscough. Brian Greaves (Equine Dentist) Trophy, champion traditional coloured: Hannah Mary Stewart. Auntie Dot Trophy, champion non-traditional coloured: Finlay Martin. Flaxen Seminole (Basil) Memorial Trophy, winner working hunter pony: April Higgin. JM Gaynor Trophy, open nursery stakes: April Higgin. Cusop Silhouette Trophy, champion working hunter pony: Emily Richardson. Agrilek Trophy, champion working hunter pony confined to society’s district: Molliemae Jeffrey. Peter Long Memorial Cup, best gelding: E Shuttleworth. EH Booth & Co (Ulverston) Ltd Trophy, best shire foal: Michelle John. Joseph Willis Memorial Trophy, best brood mare: E Shuttleworth. Mr & Mrs E Clark Trophy, champion heavy horse: J&G Dodd. Eric Norton Memorial Trophy, highest placed senior in side saddle classes: Barbara Stephenson. NLAS Trophy, best yearling: Donna Woodend. NLAS Heavy Horse Trophy, best ridden heavy horse: Rebecca Stephenson. John Ryan Hool Phillips Memorial Trophy: Kate Fieldhouse. Exercise Vehicle Private Driving Shield, best exhibit: RE Dixon. Firefly Perpetual Trophy, overall champion driver: RE Dixon. Cally Jo Trophy, winner show jumping class 117: Molliemae Jeffrey. Thomas Dawson Trophy, winner show jumping class 118: Olivia Gilmour. Liberan Star Memorial Trophy, winner junior open jumping class 128: Harry Hoggarth. Lilo Trophy, winner show jumping class 129: Lysia Harvey. Little Toby Trophy, winner fancy dress: Emily & Olivia Doyle. Woodbines Dairies Trophy, winner ridden ponies: Phoebe Mallinson.

Poultry North Lonsdale Show Cup, best in show: Mrs J Chorley. NLSA Rose Bowl, best opposite to best in show: J&D Johnson. NLAS Tankard, best soft feather: Mrs J Chorley. BOCM Pauls Award, best hard feather: C MacDonald. NLAS Trophy, best U17 entry: MacDonald & Robinson. NLAS Cup, best water fowl: J&D Johnson. NLAS Cup, best true bred bantam: J Benson. Perpetual Silver Challenge Trophy, best eggs: A Martin. Whitehaven Patriotic Poultry Show Cup, best Old English Game: C MacDonald. Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup, best bantam rock: Mrs J Chorley. Plaque for best OEG male bantam: J Dowsett. Plaque for best OEG female bantam: C MacDonald. Tankard for Best Juvenile: Robinson & MacDonald. North Lonsdale Show Tankard, most points eggs: Mrs A Taylor.

Sheep Ulverston Auction Mart plc, Perpetual Challenge Cup, best pen 4 butchers lambs: I&C Shuttleworth; Society's Trophy, champion rare/minority breeds: K Tattersall; John Jackson Trophy, champion Suffolk: J Airey; Sawrey Cup, best turned out lamb: Owen Airey; Willman Farm Supplies Trophy, champion Blueface Leicester: Scott Thomason; Briton Motors Trophy, champion Texel: I Shuttleworth; Furness Brick & Tile Trophy, champion Jacob: G Wood & Son; Cumbria Agricultural Services Trophy, champion any pure breed: Matthew Benson; West Cumberland Farmers Perpetual Challenge Cup, best crossbred pair: A&M Irving; Beltex Trophy, champion Beltex: J Collinge. Buwood Builders Trophy, champion Herdwick: J&P Braithwaite. EL Hartley Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion animal in sheep classes: I&C Shuttleworth. Charles Leece Trophy, best animal opposite to champion: J Collinge. RL Park Perpetual Challenge Cup, best group of 3 sheep, male/female: I Shuttleworth.

Cattle AB Beck Perpetual Challenge Cup, best farmers Group in class 1: Dennison; GCW Waite Perpetual Trophy, best three animals: Dennison; Readers Perpetual Challenge Shield, best maiden heifer: B Lawrence; WI Towers Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion dairy heifer: M Stable & Son; Norman Brear Memorial Challenge Cup, champion dairy heifer: M Stable & Son; Colonel R Thompson Challenge Cup, champion dairy female: Dennison; Walmsley & Smith Challenge Cup, champion beef: A Myerscough; J Bibby & Sons Challenge Shield, opposite champion beef: I Rawlinson; Society Trophy, champion any native beef: S Temple; Park House Farm Cup, best turned out calf: M Forrester; Parkhouse Dairies Cup, best calf handler, R Dennison; Hodgson & Coward Trophy, best calf handler U11: M Dennison; John Rancorn Trophy, champion commercial beef: I Rawlinson; Wareing Wrea Green Trophy, champion opposite commercial beef: S G Benson; R B & L J Satterthwaite Trophy, best turned out dairy calf:: B Handley; Society's Challenge Cup, supreme champion: Dennison; Corporation of Barrow in Furness Cup, opposite to supreme champion: I Rawlinson. Society Trophy, opposite to champion any native beef: S Temple. Thomas Burton Memorial perpetual Challenge Cup, best pair female cattle, any breed: Messrs Dennison. WD Cooper Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion 3 female animals: Messrs Dennison.



President’s Prize. Best farmers’ group: 1 Messrs Dennison. Three animals any breed or gender: 1 Messrs Dennison; 2 D Saunders; 3 ID&JH Rawlinson. Dairy cattle. Cow in milk: 1&2 Messrs Dennison; 3 M Stable & Son. Heifer in milk: 1 M Stable & Son; 2&3 S Webster. Maiden heifer: 1 B Lawrence; 2 Messrs Dennison; 3 Hannah Sowerby. Beef any breed. Bull: 1 ID&JH Rawlinson; 2&3 D Saunders. Maiden heifer: 1 D Saunders; 2 Messrs Duerden; 3 Arradfoot Limousins. Heifer in milk or in calf: 1 A Myerscough; 2 Arradfoot Limousins. Cow in milk or in calf: 1 Arradfoot Limousins. Any native beef breed. Bull: 1 S Temple; 2 Miss Lori-Jo Sharp; 3 PJ&S Stubbs. Cow or heifer in milk or in calf: 1 S Temple; 2 PJ&S Stubbs. Maiden heifer: 1 PJ&S Stubbs. Any commercial beef. Less than 15 months - Male: 1 SG Benson; 3 Miss C Postlethwaite. Female: 1&3 ID&JH Rawlinson; 2 SG Benson. Calf Handling. Best turned out beef calf: 1 Matthew Forrester; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Richard Rawlinson. Best turned out dairy calf: 1 B Handley; 2 Rosie Dennison; 3 Jack Sowerby. Best calf handler – 11-18years: 1 Rosie Dennison; 2 Matthew Forrester; 3 Robert Rawlinson. Under 11 years: 1 Maisie Dennison; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Matthew Benson. Semex 50/50: 1 Matthew Forrester; 2 Rosie Dennison; 3 Robert Rawlinson.


Best turned out lamb: 1 Owen Airey; 2 Jake Brocklebank; 3 Matthew Benson.

Bluefaced Leicester. Ram Aged: 1 Scott Thomason; 2 Kristian Smith. Ram Lamb: Scott Thomason; 2 P Fell; 3 Kristian Smith. Ewe or Shearling: 1&2 Scott Thomason; 3 P Fell. Ewe lamb: 1 Scott Thomason; 2 P Fell; 3 Kristian Smith. Suffolk. Ram Aged: 1&2 J Airey; 3 Sandra Woodend. Ram Lamb: 1 J Airey; 2 I&C Shuttleworth; 3 Sandra Woodend. Ewe or Shearling: 1 Sandra Woodend; 2&3 J Airey. Ewe lamb: 1 J Airey; 2 Sandra Woodend; 3 I&C Shuttleworth. Herdwick. Ram Aged: 1 JP Braithwaite. Ram Lamb: 1 JP Braithwaite. Ewe or Shearling: 1&2 JP Braithwaite. Ewe lamb: 1 JP Braithwaite. Texel. Ram two shear and upward: 1 JW Woodburn; 2 W&MM Case & Sons. Ram shearling: 1 W&MM Case & Sons; 2 I&C Shuttleworth; 3 Hannah Greig & Scott Sleddon. Ram lamb: 1 JW Woodburn; 2 Adam Mawson; 3 W&MM Case & Sons. Ewe two shear and upward: 1 I&C Shuttleworth; 2 AC&J Butcher; 3 W&MM Case & sons. Ewe shearling: 1 W&MM Case & Sons; 2 I&C Shuttleworth; 3 Adam Mawson. Ewe lamb: 1 W&MM Case & Sons; 2 Adam Mawson; 3 Hannah Greig & Scott Sleddon. Rare and minority breeds. Ram Aged: 1 K Tattersall; 2 Jenny Holden; 3 Sarah Dixon. Ram Lamb: 1 Lynne Hodgson; 2 K Tattersall; 3 Jenny Holden. Ewe or Shearling: 1 Jenny Holden; 2 Sarah Dixon; 3 Lynne Hodgson. Ewe lamb: 1 Sarah Dixon; 2 Jenny Holden; 3 Lynne Hodgson. Jacob. Ram Aged: 1 G Wood & S Dickinson. Ram Lamb: 1 G Wood & S Dickinson. Ewe or Shearling: 1 G Wood & S Dickinson. Ewe Lamb: 1&2 G Wood & S Dickinson. Beltex. Ram Aged: 1&2 J Collinge. Ram Lamb: 1&2 J Collinge. Ewe or Shearling: 1&2 J Collinge. Ewe lamb: 1&2 J Collinge. Any pure breed. Ram aged: 1&3 Matthew Benson; 2 Leah Clough. Ram lamb: 1 Edward McCann; 2 Anna Crowe; 3 Matthew Benson. Ewe any age: 1&2 Matthew Benson; 3 Edward McCann. Ewe lamb: 1 Dan Crowe; 2&3 Matthew Benson. Crossbred pairs - Shearlings: 1 Alfie & Macie Irvine. Ewe Lambs: 1 Edward McCann; 2 P Fell; 3 Lynne Hodgson. Best pen of four butcher’s fat lambs: 1 I&C Shuttleworth; 2 L Armitstead; 3 Baine Waddington.


Equitation. Riders 17 and over: 1 Ashleigh Hale; 2 Sarah Crosland; 3 Alice Longmire. Riders 12-16yrs: 1 Tea Rehman; 2 Olivia Gilmour; 3 April Higgin. Riders U11: 1 Maisie Mackay; 2 Anya Clough; 3 Kacey Finch. Riders U7: 1 Charlie Geldart; 2 Isabel Bowman; 3 Emily Bowman. Mountain and moorland. Pony. Leading rein: 1 Amy Jones; 2 Grace Sharpe; 3 Erin McKinley. Four yrs & upwards, mounted. Large breeds: 1 Miss V Brooks; 2 Kate Watson; 3 Danni Thexton. Small breeds: 1 Danni Thexton; 2 Joanne Beck Story; 3 Molliemae Jeffrey. Four yrs & upwards, in hand. Large breeds: 1 Miss V Brooks; 2 D Sharpe; 3 Tara Tappenden. Small breeds: 1 Lilly Lancaster; 2 Alice Beck; 3 Finley Martin. Working hunter. Four yrs & upwards, mounted. Small: 1 Molliemae Jeffrey; 2 Thomas Barnes. Large: 1 Emily Gaynor Smith; 2 Tara Tappended; 3 Katie Slater. Ponies in hand. Yearling, Under 14.2, 2/3yrs: 1 M Phizacklea. Exceeding 14.2, 2/3yrs: 1 Sarah Hadwin; 2 Mandy Kirkby; 3 Ian Lancaster. Veteran class. In hand: 1 Ruby Fountain; 2 Sophie Dempster; 3 Natasha-Jade Frith-Williams. Ridden: 1 Julie Newsham; 2 Erin McKinley; 3 Sophie Dempster. Ridden Horse/Hunter – 14.3-15.2hh: 1 Karen Higgs; 2 Alice Longmire; 3 Emma Scales. Over 15.2hh: 1 Sarah Crosland; 2 Debbie Kitching; 3 Peter Dacre. Working hunter horse. More than 15hh: 1 Emily Myerscough; 2 Lauren Newsham Wood; 3 Elysha Harvey. Coloureds. In hand Native/Traditional: 1 Hannah-Mary Stewart; 2 S Wyke; 3 Michael Noble. Non Native: 1 Finley Martin; 2 Sarah Hadwin; 3 Rachel Cooper. Ridden Native/Traditional: 1 Dianne Park; 2 Hannah-Mary Stewart; 3 Natalie Chapples. Non Native: 1 Ashleigh Hale; 2 Megan cooper; 3 Zara Clough. Working hunter ponies. Max 13hh, rider U14: 1 Alexander Gaynor-Smith. 14-15hh, rider U20: 1 April Higgin; 2 Ashleigh Hale; 3 Phoebe Mallinson. 13-14hh, rider U17: 1 Harry Hoggarth; 2= Emily Mashiter/Katie Slater; 3 Emily Gaynor Smith. Ridden Pony/Show Pony. Lead rein, plaited, rider under 7yrs: 1 Isabel Bowman; 2 Aleissha Howitt; 3 James Barnes. Not exceeding 13h, 7-14yrs: 1 Molliemae Jeffrey; 2 Emily Richardson; 3 Eve Bagley. Under 15h, 15-21yrs: 1 Phoebe Mallinson; 2 Daisy Wilson; 3 Emily Richardson. Heavy horse. Colt/filly/gelding. One yr: 1 D Woodend. Two yr: 1 K Shuttleworth; 2 Dawn Watson; 3 Melissa Watson. Three yr plus barren mare or gelding: 1 G&J Dodd; J Stephenson; 3 D Woodend. Brood mare with foal at foot: 1 E Shuttleworth; 2 Michelle John. Filly/colt born: 1 Michelle John; 2 E Shuttleworth. Ridden heavy horse, pure/part bred: 1 Rebecca Stephenson; 2 sheila McLarnon; 3 Sandra Martin. Side saddle. SSA Equitation Championship qualifying, open class: 1 Barbara Stephenson; 2 Mrs S Errington. Costume Concours d’Elegance: 1 Barbara Stephenson. Private driving. Stallion/mare/gelding. Exercise vehicle: 1 RE Dixon; 2 E Chapman; 3 Mrs C Winder. Show jumping. Lead Rein: 1 Kate Fieldhouse; 2 Emily Doyle; 3 Zara Clough. Pony. Less than 12.2: 1&3 Molliemae Jeffrey; 2 Thomas Barnes. 12.2-13.2: 1 Olivia Gilmour. 13.2-14.2: 1 Harry Hoggarth; 2 Sally Fenwick; 3 Carolyn Huddart. More than 14.2: Elysia Harvey; 2 Emily Myerscough; 3 Natash-Jade Frith-Williams. Entertainment. Mounted fancy dress: 1 Wizard of Oz; 2 Little Bo-Sheep; 3 Loom Bands.

Home Industries and Embroidery

Patchwork/quilting: 1 Mrs N Misra; 2 Mrs A Collar. Cross-stitch: 1 Mrs S Wilson; 2 Mrs S Newsome; 3 Mrs A Ellwood. Counted thread work or hardanger other than cross-stitch: 1 Mrs A Ellwood; 2&3 Mrs S Benson. Crotchet: 1 Mrs S Newson; 2 Mrs A Collar; 3 Mrs S Wilson. Any other coloured embroidery: 1&2 Mrs A Ellwood. Cushion: 1 Mrs S Benson; 2 Mrs A Ellwood; 3 Mrs M Dennison. Bag, any media: 1 Mrs S Wilson; 2 Mrs A Collar; 3 Miss L Hart. Soft toys, any media: 1 Mrs S Newsome; 2 Mrs S Wilson; 3 Marjorie. Hand knitted garment: 1 Mrs H Grundy; 2 Mrs S Wilson; 3 Mrs S Thompson. Hand knitted scarf: 1 Mrs S Thompson. Jewellery: 1 Rachel Mellen; 2 Miss R Webster; 3 Mrs M Morris. Any handicraft, not specified: 1 Miss L Hart; 2 Mrs J Cowin; 3 Mrs A Ellwood. Any handicraft, not specified (a): 1&2 Miss L Benson; 3 Mrs E Saunders. Painting in any other medium, framed or firmly backed: 1 Mrs BE Coles. Painting in water colours, framed or firmly backed: 1 G Morris; 2 Mrs D Myerscough; 3 Mrs A Ellwood. Pencil drawing, framed or firmly backed: 1 Miss R Askew.

Sticks and Crooks. Shepherd’s crook in wood: 1&2 D Wall; 3 DM Earl. Plain walking stock in wood: 1 D Wilkinson; 2 RW Cannan; 3 S Whitwell. Plain shepherd’s crook with hornhead: 1&2 D Wall; 3 RW Cannan. Plain walking stick with horn head: 1&2 D Wall; 3 RW Cannan. Crook or stick with ornamental horn head: 1&3 D Wall; 2 RW Cannan. Crook or stick with ornamental wood head: 1&2 Mrs LM Wall; 3 RW Cannan. Thumb stick with natural wood or horn head: 1&3 D Wall; 2 RW Cannan. Plain antler stick, any style: 1 RW Cannan; 2&3 D Wall. Ornamental antler stick, any style: 1,2&3 Mrs LM Wall. Ladies walking stick: 1,2&3 RW Cannan. Plain walking stick in wood, 2 piece: 1&2 D Wall; 3 RW Cannan. Half-head stick, wood or horn, any style: 1&3 D Wall; 2 Mrs LM Wall.

Floral Exhibits. ‘Small is Beautiful’ item not more than 4” in any dimension: 1 Mrs KA Walley. ‘Garden Snippets’ exhibit not more than 9” in any dimension: 1 Mrs M Bell; 2 Mrs N Halpin. Arrangement using 5 flowers only: 1 Mrs M Bell; 2 Mrs N Halpin. ‘Where have all the flowers gone’, foliage and seed pods only: 1 Mrs N Halpin; 2 Mrs M Bell; 3 Mrs A Bamber. ‘Box Clever’, arrangement in a box: 1 Mrs N Halpin; 2 Miss L Hart; 3 Mrs M Bell. ‘Down the Garden Path’, garden flowers exhibited in basket: 1 Mrs N Halpin; 2 Mrs S Walduck. ‘Lets Celebrate’, arrangement for special occasion: 1 Mrs N Halpin. Handbag, decorated for wedding: 1 Mrs N Halpin; 2 Miss L Hart. ‘Sporting life’, 3’x2’6”, 2 or more people: 1 Ulverston Flower Club; 2 Barrow Flower Club.

Home made wine. 1 bottle dry red: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle sweet red: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle dry white: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle sweet white: 1&3 Mrs B Taylor; 2 Miss VA Hudson. 1 bottle, liqueur: 1 MJ Hudson; 2 Mrs B Taylor; 3 Miss VA Hudson.

Baking. One hand-made loaf: 1&2 Mrs G Kendall; 3 Ms J Herd. 4 fruit scones: 1 Mrs J Crowe; 2 Mrs CJ Hudson; 3 Mrs S Wilson. Round of shortbread: 1 Ms J Herd; 2 Mrs M Morris; 3 Mrs J McGowan.1 swiss roll, filled with jam: 1 Mrs JC Hudson; 2 Mrs G Kendall; 3 Mrs S Wilson. 4 biscuits: 1&2 Mrs E Stable; 3 Mrs G Kendall. Tea bread: 1 Mrs G Kendall; 2 Mrs M Morris; 3 Mrs S Barton. Savoury pie on plate: 1 J Cottam; 2 Mrs BE coles; 3 Mrs G Kendall. 4 pieces of 1 tray bake: 1 Ms P Chapples; 2 Mrs S Benson; 3 Mrs CJ Hudson. 4 pieces of gingerbread: 1 Ms P Chapples; 2 Mrs CJ Hudson; 3 Miss VA Hudson. Victoria sandwich, 1 cake, split: 1 Miss VA Hudson; 2 Mrs J McGowan; 3 J Cottam. Cherry cake: 1 J Hunter; 2 Mrs S Benson; 3 Mrs JM Barnfield. Rich fruit cake: 1 Miss KA Walley; 2 Mrs S Wilson; 3 Mrs S Benson. My favourite cake, to be named: 1 J Hunter; 2 Miss S Hart; 3 Miss L Hart. 4 squares of current pasty: 1 Mrs S Wilson; 2 Mrs J McGowan. 4 decorated cup cakes: 1 Mrs J McGowan; 2 Mrs S Benson; 3 Mrs J Crowe. Chocolate cake: 1 Mrs S Barton; 2 Miss KA Walley; 3 Mrs S Benson. Jar of chutney: 1 Mrs M Morris; 2 Mrs JM Barnfield; 3 Mrs S Benson. Jar of lemon cheese: 1 Mrs M Morris; 2 Mrs Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 Mrs CJ Hudson. Jar of marmalade: 1 Mrs S Wilson; 2 Mrs B Taylor; 3 Mrs N Misra. 2 jars of jam, 2 varieties: 1 Mrs S Wilson; 2 Mrs S Benson; 3 Mrs E Stable. 1 Plate, 7 sweet confections, any variety: 1 Mrs S Benson. Peppermint creams: 1 T Kennedy; 2 Mrs M Morris; 3 Mrs S Benson.

Vegetables. Any other vegetable unspecified: 1 Ms A A Smith; Mrs N Misra; 3 J Maddock. Plate of 4 white potatoes: 1&2 H Beecham; 3 J Johnson. Plate of 4 coloured potatoes: 1&2 H Beecham; 3 J Johnson. Plate of 5 tomatoes: 1 D Wilkinson; 2 J Johnson; 3 Mrs J Crayston. 6 pods broad beans: 1 J Johnson; 2 J Maddock; 3 RF Jackson. Plate of 6 runner beans: 1 D Wilkinson; 2 Mrs BE Coles; 3 J Keen. Plate of 6 pods of green peas: 1 Mrs BE Coles; 2 Mrs S Webster; 3 Ms S Walduck. A lettuce, any variety, clean roots: 1 J Dixon; 2 Mrs BE Coles; 3 Mrs N Misra. Plate of 6 shallots: 1 A Smith; 2&3 L Thompson. Cucumber: 1&2 J Maddock; 3 Mrs N Misra. Culinary cabbage, clean roots: 1 Mrs S Webster; 2 J Dixon; 3 Mrs A Smith. 3 beetroot with 4” tops: 1 Mrs A Smith; 2&3 J Dixon.3 sticks rhubarb: 1 Mrs CJ Hudson; 2&3 J Dixon. 3 onions: 1&2 L Thompson; 3 Mrs A Smith. Collection of not less than 4 kinds of vegetables: 1 J Maddock; 2 Mrs A Smith; 3 Mrs N Misra. Plate of soft fruit: 1 Mrs N Misra; 2 Mrs BE Coles. Chilli plant in pot: 1&2 Mrs N Misra; 3 Ms S Walduck.

Flowers. Vase, Sweet Peas, one variety, max 9 spikes: 1&3 H Beecham; 2 Mrs MM Jackson. Spike of Gladiolus: 1&2 Mr Steward; 3 D O’Brian. Lily stem: 1 D O’Brian; 2 Mrs N Halpin. Bowl or containers, mixed garden: 1 F Barnes; 2 Mrs N Misra. Vases. Perennials, max 12 stems: 1 F Barnes; 2 Mrs MM Jackson. Mixed annuals other than sweet peas, max 12 stems: 1 F Barnes. 3 stems of floribunda roses: 1&2 F Barnes. 6 roses: 1&2 F Barnes. 3 roses: 1&2 F Barnes. Specimen rose: 1&2 F Barnes; 3 Mrs N Misra. Rose buttonhole with any foliage: 1&2 Miss J Jones; 3 F Barnes. Corsage using any sort: 1 F Barnes; 2 Mrs N Halpin; 3 Miss L Benson. Stem 4 different sorts flowers: 1&2 F Barnes; 3 Mrs N Halpin. Spray3 different sorts shrub, shown in vase: 1 Mrs Lewthwaite-Taylor; 2 Mrs E Stable. Foliage pot-plant: 1 D O’Brian; 2 Mr Steward; Mrs M Misra. Small/medium decorative Dahlias: 1&2 D Wilkinson; 3 Mrs MM Jackson. Small/medium cactus/semi cactus Dahlias: 1&2 D Wilkinson. Flower pot plant: 1&2 Mr Steward; 3 D O’Brian. Cactus or succulent in a pot: 1 Mrs MM Jackson; 2 F Barnes; 3 Mrs C Collinge. Hanging basket: 1 F Barnes; 2 Mrs N Misra.

Junior section. Under 17. Art. Coloured design any medium: 1 Briony Gray; 2 Lexi Brockbank; 3 Abbie Hoggarth. Black & white or pencil drawing: 1 Lexi Brockbank; 2 Liam Toal; 3 Robert Rawlinson. NLAS Show Catalogue front cover: 1 Robert Rawlinso; 2 Richard Rawlinson; 3 James Hadwen. Photography. Four legged friends, colour print 5x7 or less: 1 James Hadwen; 2 Jonathan Saunders; 3 Richard Rawlinson. People and places, colour print 5x7 or less: 1 Miss R Askew; 2 Lexi Brockbank; 3 Sandside Lodge School. Floral Art. Arrangement in welly, exhibit:1 Lexi Brockbank; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Sandside Lodge School. Item of Jewellery: 1 Rachel Mellen; 2 Gardening Club Sandside Lodge School; 3 Robert Rawlinson. Hand made cushion: 1 Chloe Bell; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Baine Waddington. Any other craft: 1 Mollie Saunders; 2 Jack Sowerby; 3 Chloe Bell. Decorated item of glass: 1 Hannah Sowerby; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Richard Rawlinson. Design invitation to celebration: 1 Lexi Brockbank; 2 Chloe Bell; 3 Richard Rawlinson. U11. Computer generated poster, promoting concert, A4 or less: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Lola-Mae Walker. Painting: 1 Maisie Allonby; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Niamh Angell. Black and White drawing: 1Abbie Kirkbride; 2 Laila Hicks; 3 Brett Harrison. Clay model: 1 Mai Walker; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Grace Taylor. Picture or design, any media except paint: 1 Harry Rawlinson; Laila Hicks; 3 Grace Callaghan. Any other craft: 1 Tom Kennedy; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Laila Hicks. Decorated plant pot: 1 Lola-Mae Walker; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Grace Alcide. Collection of garden flowers and leaves in jam jar: 1 Grace Taylor; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Erin Bagnall. Animal made from vegetable/fruit: 1 Ben Bagnall; 2 Erin Bagnall; 3 Robert Saunders. Planted patio container: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Grace Taylor. Photography. A grand day out, colour print 5x7: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2&3 Grace Taylor. U9. One decorated Wellington boot: 1 Kieran Toal; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Paige. Miniature garden on plate/tray, 12” square or less: 1 Ebony Davies; 2 Ebony Taylor; 3 Dan Low. Coloured picture or design, any media except paint: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Tilly May Weston; 3 Ebony Taylor. A painting: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Ebony Davies; 3 Ebony Taylor. Celebration card: 1 Ebony Taylor; 2 Hollie Hethrington; 3 Jamie Shanon. Black & white drawing: 1 Maddy Clarke; 2 Sam Wood; 3 Harry Rawlinson. Monster made from vegetable and/or fruit: 1 Maddy Clarke; 2 Noah; 3 Dan Low. An item of needlework: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Scarlett Mullaney; 3 Ebony Taylor. Any other craft: 1 Jasmine Langley; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Ella Parker. U7. Painting: 1 Croftlands Junior School; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Chapel Street School. Cut paper picture or design: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Katelyn Garnett; 3 Naomi Saunders. Handwriting ‘Jack and Jill: 1 Chapel Street School; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Low Furness School. Picture in various media: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Chapel Street School. Decorated egg: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Evie-Mae Newsome. Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Harry Rawlinso; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Evie-Mae Newsome. Garden on a Plate: 1 Naomi Saunders; 2 Jake Wood; 3 Harry Rawlinson. U5. Painting: 1 Indianna Foxon; 2&3 Low Furness School. Coloured picture or design: 1&2 Indianna Roxon; 3 Gabrielle Nelson. Colour in pre-drawn picture: 1 Demi Garnett; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Harry Slater. Collage using waste materials: 1 Indianna Foxon; 2 Harry Slater; 3 Demi Garnett. Decorated stone: 1 Erin McGowan; 2 Harry Slater; 3 Lorcan McGowan. Model using any media: 1&3 Indianna Foxon; 2 Ruby Fountain. Cooking. U17. 4 pieces of baked tray bake: 1 Ruth Cooper; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Baine Waddington. 4 biscuits, 1 variety: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 Richard Rawlinson; 3 Miss R Askew. My favourite cake: 1 Grace Salmon; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Baine Waddington. Quiche: 1 Richard Rawlinson; 2 Baine Waddington; 3 Hannah Sowerby. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Ruth Cooper; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Baine Waddington. U11. 4 pieces no bake tray bake: 1 Ruth Cooper; 2 Faith Palmer; 3 Grace Taylor. Vegetable kebab judged on appearance (uncooked): 1 Tom Kennedy; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Grace Taylor. Decorated Gingerbread person judged on appearance: 1&3 Grace Taylor; 2 Faith Palmer. Decorated cup cakes judged on appearance: 1 Tom Kennedy; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Grace Taylor. U9. 4 pieces no bake tray bake: 1 Demi Garnett; 2 Nadine McGowan; 3 Katelyn Garnett. Decorated cup cakes judged on appearance: 1 Blossom Palmer; 2 Nadine McGowan; 3 Maisie Dennison.


Large Fowl. Old English Game, any other colour. Male: 1&2 P Waring. Female: 1 P&JJ Stubbs; 2 S Baines; 3 P Waring. AV Light breed, male/female: 1&2 Miss R Mellen; 3 AE Sweeting. AV Heavy breed, male/female: 1 J Hunter; 2 M Benson; 3 Miss R Hunter. Any colour Silkie, male/female: 1 Mrs C Shuttleworth; 2 R Askew; 3 Mr & Mrs J Barry. Old English Game bantams. Black red male/clay or wheaten female: 1 R Askew; 2&3 J Dowsett. Spangle, male/female: 1 HM Booth; 2 D Dalton; 3 P&JJ Stubbs. Black or blue male/female: 1 HM Booth; 2 J Brockbank; 3 J Dowsett. Dark red/partridge, male/female: 1 C MacDonald; 2 P Waring; 3 Mr & Mrs J Barry. Any colour, male/female: 1&3 C Macdonald; 2 Mr Atkinson. Any colour male bred 2014: 1&3 J Dowsett; 2 J&P Medcalf. Any colour female bred 2014: 1 C MacDonald; 2 J&P Medcalf; 3 J Dowsett. Breeding pair, any variety: 1 J Dowsett; 2 S Baines; 3 D Bentham & Son. Any colour modern male: 1 R Askew; 2 D Dalton; 3 J Stubbs. Any colour modern female: 1 R Askew; 2 J Stubbs; 3 D Dalton. Variety Bantams. White Wyandotte, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock. Black Wyandotte, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock. Any other colour Wyandotte, male/female: 1 Miss R Mellen; 2 Miss R Hunter; 3 J Hunter. Australorp, male/female: 1&3 Mr & Mrs J Barry; 2 AE Sweeting. AC Sussex, male/female: 1 O Chalker & Son; 2&3 Mr & Mrs J Barry. RIR, male/female: 1,2&3 J Benson. AC Rock, male/female: 1,2&3 Mrs J Chorley. Ancona, male/female: 1 Mr & Mrs J Barry; 2 Mr Atkinson; 3 D Dalton. AC Leghorn, male/female: 1&2 O Chalker & Son; 3 P&JJ Stubbs. Any other variety, male/female: 1 J Maddock; 2 AE Sweeting; 3 B Slater. True bantam, male/female: 1&3 Mrs J Chorley; 2 D Bentham & Son. AC Pekin, male/female: 1 J Benson; 2 Mrs J Chorley; 3 D Bentham & Son. AV bred 2014. Male: 1 Mrs J. Chorley; 2 O Chalker & Son; 3 D Whiteway. Female: 1 O Chalker & Son; 2 Mr & Mrs J Barry; 3 Mrs J Chorley. Children’s Classes. Old English Game Bantam, male/female: 1&2 Robinson & MacDonald; 3 C Stubbs. Variety Bantam, male/female: 1 T Sainty. AV bred 2014, male/female: 1 M Benson. Waterfowl. Best drake, any variety: 1 J&D Johnson; 2 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 G Fell. Best duck, any variety: 1 J&D Johnson; 2&3 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. Eggs. 3 large brown: 1 GC Taylor; 2&3 E Eastham. 3 large any other colour: 1&2 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 GC Taylor. Large supreme: 1 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 2 Miss R Mellen; 3 GC Taylor. 1 large contents: 1 E Eastham; 2 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 GC Taylor. 3 Bantam brown: 1 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 2 A Martin. 3 Bantam any other colour: 1&3 A Martin; 2 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. 1 Bantam contents: 1 A Martin; 2 J Maddock; 3 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. Bantam supreme: 1 A Martin; 2 Mrs AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 GC Taylor. 4 duck eggs: 1 Miss C McKinney; 2&3 GC Taylor. 6 eggs any colour: 1&3 GC Taylor; 2 A Martin.

Dog Show

Any variety puppy, up to 12 months: 1 Madge Murray/Border Terrier; 2 Luna Holden/Collie; 3 Paddy Slater/Border Terrier. Any variety junior, up to 18 months: 1 Milo McWilliam/Pointer; 2 Izzy Jackson/Lakeland Terrier; 3 Elvis Smith/Bedlington. Open dog/bitch: 1 Paddy Kirkham/Cocker Spanier; 2 Izzy Jackson/Lakeland Terrier; 3 Alfie Davis/Tibetan Terrier. Special Labrador: 1 Gem Wilson; 2 Milo Newman; 3 Mabel Pyne. Any variety veteran, 7yrs & over: 1 Jenny Angel/Border Collie; 2 Sally Tattersall/Crossbreed; 3 Louis Whetstone/Cavalier. Best 6 legs: 1 Poppy Barker/Terrier; 2 Sally Tattersall/Crossbreed; 3 Sadkia Plumb/Husky. Waggiest Tail: 1 Ella Pierce/Cavalier; 2 Lottie Pyne/Lab; 3 Roxy Plumb/Yorkshire Terrier. Best trick: 1 Mabel Pyne/Lab; 2 Buster Blaney/Lhasa Apso; 3 Zena Wallington/GSD. Child handler, up to 16yrs: 1 Molly Tonkin(12); 2 Kaitlin Plumb(10); 3 Clayton Moore(11). Dog with shortest legs: 1 Austin Lawley/Daschund; 2 Arnold Ronald/Pom/Tibetan Terrier; 3 Roxy Plumb/Yorkshire Terrier.


Best in Show & Best Lop: Shoremont Stud, Agouti French Lop. Runner up Best in Show and Best Rex: JWH Brown, Seal Rex. Best Fur: Marshmoor Stud, Ivory Satin Best Fancy: Belgian Silver Grey. Best Pet: Jessica Viljakainen.