THE public is being reminded by police to be security aware.

Cumbria Constabulary said they are continuing to promote crime prevention messages to those visiting the county.

Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes said: “This is simple yet very effective advice that everyone should take notice of – visitors and residents alike. “Just taking a few minutes to check security can prevent crime and save a lot of time and distress.”

With many visitors arriving in the area at this time of year, police want to ensure that their visit is not spoiled by being a victim of crime.

Cumbria Police said personal security is important and they encourage everyone to be conscious of their own belongings.

They have issued a a few basic reminders:


• Remove anything valuable

• Close all windows when leaving your car

• Ensure that you lock your car and activate the alarm

• Do not leave anything on show, it could be an indication to thieves that there is more hidden away

• When possible park in well-lit areas

• If you have bikes mounted ensure that they are secure and park in well lit areas.


• Always make sure your bag is closed properly

• Try and secure your purse in a zip pocket • Never leave your bag unattended when in a public place.


• Always secure your bike

• If you are visiting the area bring a bike lock and use it at all times

• Don’t just think to lock your bike when in a public place; also apply the lock when you return to where you are staying, it deters thieves

• Register your bike, for more details visit Secured by Design at


• Tents are not secure, so don’t treat them like they are

• Remove all valuables

• When at your tent don’t leave your belongings on show, it is an advertisement to thieves.


• Do not leave any valuable items in your caravan, outside storage unit or shed

• Do not believe that a chalet is secure like a house, it is not and all valuables should be removed or stored away securely

• If property cannot be removed make sure it is secure and hidden out of sight

• Keep caravan registration documents separate from the caravan

• Always close and lock doors and windows - even if it is just for a short time

• Draw curtains and put lights on a timer if you’re out after dark.

It is a good deterrent against thieves The Secured by Design website details crime prevention advice and has details of recommended security schemes.

For more information visit

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