A DEVELOPMENT of 15 homes has been approved on land close to Kendal College by South Lakeland District Council’s Planning Committee.

The properties, five of which will be ‘affordable’, are to be built on land adjacent to Vicarage Drive and Westwood Drive despite councillors admitting traffic is already ‘difficult’ in the area.

“I’m supportive of this scheme but this road abutts my ward and I can assure you that parking on Vicarage Drive when you go on refuse collection day - avoid it like the plague because it really is difficult,” said Coun Sylvia Emmott.

The site was allocated for housing in SLDC’s Local Plan document. According to the planning application, submitted by Russell Armer Homes, the site will be made up of 11 three-bed homes, two two-bed apartments and two one-bedroom apartments.


Letters of objection from three nearby residents were received by the council, citing concerns about congestion, parking, the safety of school children and the ‘chaos’ that construction vehicles might bring.

However councillors unanimously approved the development.

“It’s very clear that this land is right in the centre of a big housing estate and needs to be built on,” said Coun Bharath Rajan. “It’s very clear that what’s been proposed is just what’s needed and from my point of view I see this as something that is necessary for completion of the estate.”