IF the thought of immersing yourself in the warm waters of the Red Sea — or even a swimming pool — appeals, then a local diving club would love to hear from you.

Kendal and Lakes Sub Aqua Club will be holding try-dives at Kendal Leisure Centre in September for anybody who would like to taste the ‘life-changing’ adventure of diving.

As club chairman and try-dive co-ordinator Gary Davis explains: “Diving is a great way to become immersed in the environment, and we can cater for all different interests within the club, from occasional holiday diver to photographer, to technical diver, ensuring whatever they do, and wherever they do it, they’ll be diving as safely as possible.”

The Kendal amateur club has been going strong for 42 years, and its 55 members pursue interests such as dry-suit diving; warm-water holiday diving; wildlife, scenic or wreck dives; underwater photography; and technical diving, including closed circuit rebreathers and the use of mixed gases.

Diving in home waters as well as on regular trips abroad, members also enjoy a varied calendar of social activities.

The club is governed by the British Sub-Aqua Club, the country’s biggest diving club, which provides a internationally recognised diver training programme, delivered by Kendal’s own voluntary instructors.

“Scuba diving is a true adventure,” says Gary, “and BSAC’s entry-level Ocean Diver course is the perfect introduction.

“From the very first time you breathe underwater, scuba diving will continue to inspire, challenge and surprise you.

“Many divers believe that it is life-changing and, with the sense of achievement that comes with learning to dive, it is easy to see why.”

Kendal and South Lakes Sub Aqua Club factfile:

Formed: 1972

Try-dive fee: £10 (refunded if membership taken)

Contact: Gary Davis on 07977 276276 or email trydives@kld.org.uk