THE North West’s largest showcase of country living came to Eden at the weekend.

The Lowther Show was attended by tens of thousands of people, including HRH Prince Philip, who came to celebrate the finest aspects of rural life.

It is seen as the region’s best venue for traditional sporting events such as clay pigeon shooting and terrier racing.


The horse carriage driving, which HRH Prince Phillip once competed in, celebrated its 40th anniversary.

It included dressage, marathon and obstacle course events as well as the Subaru Lowther Challenge - described as being ‘all about speed’ and an event where ‘only the best of the best are required’.

But there was just as much support for the Taste Cumbria Food and Beer Festival which showcased locally-sourced food and Cumberland ales.

Show director Jerome Roberts said: “The Lowther Show has once again been welcomed with open arms this year.

“It saw the return of the Subaru Horse Carriage Driving Trials, the prestigious Lowther Hound Show - featuring some of the most acclaimed hounds and judges - a superb Taste Cumbria Food & Beer Festival with a stunning collection of local stores and produce and our popular championships in the clay shooting and gun dog events.

“We are truly thrilled with the reception the Lowther Show has had, and speaking with visitors across the weekend, we are pleased so many have enjoyed the weekend too!”

A record number of competitors took part in the terrier and lurcher trials which included everything from puppy racing to classic show dog championships.

Christine Weaver, a member of the coursing crew, said: “We are thrilled with the support the terrier and lurcher events received.

“Lowther played host to some excellent showing and racing events.”

Martin James, from Ohio, in the US came to the show with his wife, Sarah, and their two children.

“The whole thing is awesome,” said Martin. “You don’t get anything like this in the States.

“I love the clothes everyone is wearing and all the unusual sports they have.

“I mean, a Prince was here, it doesn’t get more British than that!”