THE brutal murder of a Kendal woman who was set alight and killed is to be the subject of an upcoming Channel 5 documentary.

Countdown to Murder is due to be screened this month, with one of its eight episodes focusing on the killing of Kendal’s Stacey Mackie, who was murdered in her Crag View home on January 27, 2012.


Miss Mackie, 35, fell victim to her supposed friend, 61-year-old Terrence Armer, who was later shown on chilling CCTV footage breaking into her flat with an axe.

He poured white spirit over her and set her alight, causing her to suffer 95 per cent burns which killed her less than 24 hours later.

Before her death she had been able to tell police that Armer was responsible - although he denied this throughout his trial.

In June of the same year he was sentenced to 27 years in prison at Carlisle Crown Court and it is expected he will die in prison, because of his age and ongoing health problems.

Now the killing will be examined in ‘forensic and chillingly accurate detail’ as part of series two of Countdown to Murder, made by Crackit Productions and set to be aired on Channel 5.

The series will examine the days, hours and minutes before the killing from the perspectives of both Miss Mackie and Armer, and will use reconstruction to ‘pinpoint the trigger’ that set the murder in motion.

The programme is due to be shown on August 28, at 8pm.