SOUTH Lakeland, Eden and the Dales are among the UK’s least affordable areas to live in, according to research by the National Housing Federation (NHF).

Although London is perceived to be the most expensive place in the country, higher salaries make the capital relatively affordable for many families.

However, figures released by the NHF suggest in parts of this region houses cost between ten and 19 times the average wage.

Under the NHF’s affordability measure, there are no fewer than 62 English local authority areas which are pricier than London.

In the capital the latest full-year figures show that the average wage is £39,920, while the average house price is about £400,000 - making prices ten times greater than wages.

Outside the South East, the place where houses are least affordable is South Bucks, where they cost 20 times wages, while the most affordable rural location is Copeland in West Cumbria.