RED squirrels are having a ball at a Lake District holiday park since aniseed was introduced to their feeding mix this summer – and guests are loving the spectacle.

Skelwith Fold caravan park, in Ambleside, which was congratulated by the Prince of Wales after it successfully re-introducing the endangered species to its grounds a few years ago, has introduced the aniseed.

Park director Henry Wild said holiday guests had been unable to spot the reticent reds in the woodland.

“We have over 100 acres of parkland at Skelwith Fold, and the red squirrels can be very well concealed when the trees have all their foliage," said Mr Wild.

“But after taking specialist advice earlier this year, we have been using a special seed blend which includes oil of anise – and moving the feeders closer to the margins of the wood.

“The results have been amazing with the aniseed acting like a magnet, and red squirrels have now become a much more common sight for people staying here.”