LIFEBOAT crews went to the rescue of two adults and one child unable to start the engine of their inflatable dinghy today.

The group were in a Walney Channel location known as ‘The Elbow’.

Volunteer crewman from the RNLI’s Barrow station launched their inshore lifeboat ‘Vision of Tamworth’ after Liverpool Coastguard raised the alarm.

The lifeboat crew were paged at 3.40pm and the boat, crewed  by Ben Jackson and Adam Cleasby, was launched and on its way ten minutes later.


A crew spokesperson said: “At the time the weather was fine, the tide had just begun to flood with high water expected at 7-32pm at a height of 7.2 metres.

“The crew travelled the two miles to the scene and had the vessel under tow by 4pm.

“The dinghy and its crew were safely landed at Ferry Pitching and then the lifeboat returned to station at 4.25pm.”