WORK to fix the long-running problem of flooding under the railway bridge on Kendal’s Parkside Road is set to begin on September 15 subject to other projects being finalised.

Water gathering under the bridge after it rains has concerned residents for some time.

Valley Drive resident and Kendal town councillor Chris Hogg started a campaign to fix the flooding in February, setting up a Facebook page and taking round a petition to residents.


District and county councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson said: “United Utilities are happy for the water that is collected down the hill to be diverted into the main drain on Larch Grove at Willow Drive, enabling the water to flow naturally into the drainage system without the need of a pump system.

“A wall will be built alongside the far side of the bridge ensuring no soil or sand can be washed into the gutter.

Glyn Jamieson, of Kendal and District Driving Instructors Association, said: “This has been top of our list of issues with Kendal’s roads for some time now.”