A 'BODY' spotted in Morecambe Bay this afternoon turned out to be a training dummy.

Morecambe Coastguard reported it was tasked to a report of a body in the water near the Ocean Edge caravan park across the bay at Heysham.

The Coastguard said upon arrival, the dummy was 'identified to be wearing a dry suit and life jacket'.

Officials said police were on scene as well as a police helicopter and that Morecambe RNLI also launched its inshore lifeboat.

"The body was quickly identified as a training dummy that had gone missing from a rescue team from across the bay and had washed up," reported Morecambe Coastguard.

"We gained water rescue practice by recovering the body."

The dummy was said to have been dropped off at Morecambe RNLI station so it could be returned to its rightful owner.