SUMMER sun has seen a Kendal girl grow sunflowers almost three times her height.

The two sunflowers stand tall at 11ft, towering over 4ft high Abbie Kerr, six, who planted them in May with her step-grandfather.

John Ruddy, Abbie’s step-grandfather, said: “They had been growing things at school and Abbie said she wanted to grow sunflowers.


“She was keen as mustard so we decided to do it for a bit of fun.

“It’s the first time I’ve grown them and Abbie absolutely loved it.”

Mr Ruddy said Abbie, who goes to Kendal’s Castle Park Primary School, did all the hard work and he just had to sit back and watch.

The pair started out with five sunflowers and the smallest flower they grew was 8ft tall, but due to heavy winds were just left with the tallest two.

“Abbie can’t wait for next year,” he added.