A POPULAR podcast duo are now recording from Kendal.

Player2cast covers a whole host of geek culture topics, with a particular focus on board games, and has amassed an international audience.

The couple behind the show, Ian Loxam and Nicole Watts, began recording together after meeting through Twitter.

And despite a talk show about board games not seeming like an immediately obvious choice, the couple think that it is a growing market.

"It's growing at a phenomenal rate," Ian said. "It's mainly due to Geek & Sundry on YouTube with Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day.

"It feels like it's taking over video games in popularity," Ian said. "There's a social aspect that you lose when you're playing a game online."

Ian cites 'Ticket to Ride', 'King of Tokyo' and 'Zombie Dice' as three of his favourite games, telling the Gazette that with so much variety on offer there is something for everybody to enjoy, from beginners to those who have been playing board games all of their lives.

With thousands of listeners already tuning into their show that they started just 14 months ago, it certainly seems like the pair have found their niche.

"I think people seem to like our banter as a couple," Ian said. "I think that's what has kicked it off."

Although the couple, who have been together for two and a half years, have been living in Cambridgeshire they decided to move to Kendal because of the beautiful surroundings and the number of events that happen in the area.

Kendal's hobbyist shop, Level 8 opened in October last year, selling board, card and video games, as well as hosting regular gaming nights.

Ben Grenville-Evan, the owner of Level 8, agrees with Ian that there is a big gaming scene in Kendal and his shop brings them together.

"It's more of a face to face social thing," he said. "The gaming nights have created a little community."

And October will also see the return of the fourth annual Lakes International Comic Art Festival, with creators and enthusiasts coming together to celebrate comic book art.

Ian and Nicole hope that as they become better acquainted with the area, they will be able to give the podcast a more local focus and that they can dispel the image that board gaming is only for a certain demographic.

"Board games are about stories and artwork," Ian said. "Board gaming has changed and moved on from Monopoly."

The podcast can be found at https://player2castblog.wordpress.com/