A MAN and a woman had to be rescued after they became disorientated by low cloud and heavy rain on Coniston Old Man.

Nine members of Coniston MRT carried out the rescue on Saturday afternoon (March 18).

As with previous similar incidents, the team used the SARLOC system to confirm their position. This uses the missing person’s mobile phone which, where signal allows, pinpoints their position.

The couple were slightly North of Dow Crag, above Goats Hause.

The couple were given warm dry clothing and walked off the hill via Goats Water and returned to the village in Team vehicles.

Coniston MRT reiterated their recommendations to people venturing out onto the hills.

A spokesperson said: "There is no substitute for having a map, a compass and being able to use these to navigate in difficult conditions, electronic devices can be used as back up to re-assure.

"A head torch and a whistle are also useful, as are ensuring you have adequate waterproof clothing and protective equipment."