A LAKE District club that provides support services for local people wants to reach out to those who need them the most. 
Social Club 55 is a community organisation that provides day support for anyone aged 55 and over based at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere.
The club is in the process of extending its lunch club to local people who may be housebound, live alone and need support to access resources. 
Anita Baxter, coordinator of Social Club 55, took over the social club last year after resigning from her previous job in social work.
She said: “Anyone is welcomed to Social Club 55, for example people who have retired and may not have friends or family nearby. 
“It allows people to socialise and exercise in good company. It also enables carers to take a regular break. 
“We would love to have more people involved, as members or as volunteers.”


The club is applying for community interest status with the support of Cumbria social enterprise partnership. 
Social Club 55 has secured four other directors and once the relevant paperwork is completed, it hopes to receive a full CIC status from April. 
This year it is hoped to extend the club into the homecare support field and provide accountable community-based service.
To achieve this aim, the staff are networking locally and hope to identify potential members via health professionals, support groups, social services, as well as family and friends.
Social Club 55 meets on Mondays and Fridays every week between 10am and 3pm. 
The club costs £5 per hour. 
A two-course lunch is provided for £5.  
Call 07874009808 or email socialclub55andup@gmail.com to find out more.