PUPILS with a range of abilities and disabilities from two Kendal schools came together to participate in an award-winning visual art and animation programme.

Part of Create’s national creative:connection programme, the project is enabling pupils from The Queen Katherine School and Sandgate Special School, to work collaboratively, build trusting relationships with each other and develop their creativity, social skills and confidence.

The pupils worked with Create’s professional artist Daniel Lehan and filmmaker Aoife Twomey to design and create life-size characters, which they brought to life in stop-motion animations around the theme of ‘Feathers and Flight’.

The young people’s creations were be showcased in a final presentation to an audience of staff and students from both schools. This opportunity to share their creative work aimed to boost their self-esteem and strengthen the supportive relationships developed through the programme.

Deputy Head teacher at Sandgate School Rib Williams said: “We look forward to Create’s projects every year.

"The power of working with students from another school on a project is hugely beneficial in terms of developing social skills and understanding another person’s point of view. The chance to work with talented artists and create art works in different forms is also really valuable.

"So often in schools, we are asked to show academic progress, but a project like this develops a young person’s skills and talents in another varied, real life dimension. creative:connection also helps to build on and strengthen the already strong bonds we have with QKS students and staff."

Create’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Nicky Goulder, said: "The opportunities in place for young people from mainstream and special schools to come together can be infrequent. creative:connection works hard to change this.

"As well as the confidence and creativity that young people gain from working collaboratively in the workshops, the shared understanding that they develop can be carried with them through to adulthood, helping to shape a more caring and inclusive society."