I READ the report ‘Cycling lane sparks anger - trial will reduce street to one lane’ (Gazette, July 27). A Cumbria County Council spokesperson said ‘It’s unknown how traffic will be impacted’ in Wildman Street.

What absolute rubbish! Anybody in Kendal can tell them that after Storm Desmond caused flooding in Wildman Street in December 2015, the street was down to one lane for weeks with skips and trade vehicles clearing up businesses and households.

Believe you me, it was very disruptive to traffic flow for weeks.

Now councillors are deliberately subjecting the travelling public to weeks, apparently eight, of inconvenience when an act of nature has already given them an answer at no expense to the local taxpayers.

Don’t waste scarce resources on expensive monitoring when Kendal needs extensive repairs to roads, potholes and other services. A ‘white elephant’, cycle lane is not needed.

It would make more sense to monitor how many people actually use the existing cycle lanes and is there a need for more? I have yet to see anybody using the newly created cycle lane between Romney Road roundabout and Asda. Sensible cyclists are still using the road to avoid lamp posts.

I have a suggestion for traffic flow into Wildman Street - give Ann Street an exit onto the roundabout (some vehicles do it illegally already) and divert traffic for Windermere Road along Station Road on to Sandes Avenue instead of via Beezon Road.

I hope these observations will express my frustration at the wasted resources this year in Kendal.

Jennifer Ball