Travelling with children can be stressful at the best of times.

You may have recently survived early summer holiday traffic and be dreading the next journey you have planned to take with your little ones. I would definitely class this as one of the high-risk times in family life, planning ahead is key to the success of your journey.

Older children can be involved planning the journey. Have a look at a map together and discuss the route you will take and ask children to look out for certain signs and landmarks along the way.

Plan what drinks and food to take, as well as the location and opportunity for comfort breaks - also consider changes in clothing depending on changing weather conditions or in the case of long delays.

Electronic devices can be very useful on long journeys, though do remember holidays are an opportunity for quality time with each other, so don’t forget traditional ways to entertain the whole family such as audio books, CDs to sing along to and CDs to encourage language learning for foreign holidays.

And what journey wouldn’t be complete without a game of I Spy!

Remember that family life is put under the microscope during the holidays, as usually your days are filled with work, school and clubs. Don’t worry if every aspect of your holiday isn’t perfect. Enjoy the time that you have together and learn from any ‘hiccups’ you experience along the way.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or family for that matter - all we can aim to do is our best!

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