A LAKE District mountain rescue team is asking members of the public to “Buy the Team a Pint” as a way of marking its 70th anniversary.

The appeal is a metaphorical one, which asks people to donate the price of a pint, around £3.50, to Coniston Mountain Rescue Team's Facebook donation page.

The money raised will go towards new digital radios, amongst other projects the team is working on. Several donations have already been made and the team is hopeful more people will be happy to spare the price of a pint or two.

Deputy team leader Jeff Carroll, who dreamt up the campaign, said: “We often retire to the pub to wind down after a rescue and sometimes supporters will offer to buy us a pint.

“We thought this was a way of raising awareness, and allowing people who would like to buy us a pint to do just that – metaphorically speaking anyway.”

Mr Carroll says the team has received quite a few donations via its Facebook page already, with a few people saying they have bought the team a round.

“It’s just a way of humanising it, so we’re not just rattling a tin in people’s faces,” said Mr Carroll.

The digital radios the money will be used to buy will prove invaluable when it comes to communicating on the hills. Team members will be able to avoid the black spots where communication is particularly weak.

Coniston MRT does not receive funding from the government and relies solely on donations from the public which helps it purchase vital equipment and train the 36 volunteers.

Coniston MRT has been established for 70 years and was the first volunteer mountain rescue team officially recognised. Volunteers range from artists, chefs, engineers, police officers, gardeners and retirees.

The team believes it has been involved in more than 2,000 incidents since it was established in 1947.

Donations can be made on https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/donation-web/charity?charityId=1006345&stop_mobi=yes