What lunacy is this? Turning Kendal’s Wildman Street into one lane. What a crazy idea.

What effect will it have on businesses only now struggling to get over the 2015 floods?

It is totally wrong to say the effect on traffic can’t be predicted, there are plenty of traffic modelling systems out there which would do the job.

But they aren’t needed. Anyone seeing the huge lines of traffic along the Shap and Appleby roads know this silly scheme will cause gridlock.

Stopped traffic burning fuel causes pollution, just the thing it is claimed this scheme is trying to reduce.

It’s about time councillors grasped that just because it has the word cycle in it doesn’t make it automatically the right thing to do.

A more sensible way to reduce pollution in Kendal would be to rip out the little-used cycle lanes and get traffic moving again.

But what can you expect from a council that is about to waste yet more public money on getting payment for the Windermere ferry wrong again. Everybody knows the only way for the thing to work is to have payment on board during the journey. As for hand held readers, wi fi reception is so bad on the lake that pleasure boats can’t accept credit cards.

Roger Davies