THE hands of Carnforth's iconic railway station clock are moving once again after nearly a year-long standstill.

Cllr Peter Yates, custodian of the timepiece made famous by David Lean's classic 1945 black-and-white film Brief Encounter, said he had decided to start winding the platform clock "in the interests of goodwill and the people of Carnforth".

The Joyce of Whitchurch mechanism had been unwound since retired railwayman Jim Walker was banned from Carnforth Station Heritage Centre last year.

The volunteer clock-winder was barred by Carnforth Station Trust after a visitor complained about allegedly "racist" language overheard when Mr Walker was discussing a Daily Mail newspaper article.

Custodian Mr Yates said "the impasse" of Mr Walker refusing to wind the clock continued, because the trust would not apologise to him for banning him without first asking for his version of events.

Mr Yates said he had consulted with fellow custodian Terry Boxford "and some other interested parties" before deciding to restart the late-Victorian clock.

Mr Walker had wound the clock voluntarily twice a week for 15 years.

A new ratchet mechanism has now been introduced so the clock can be wound from the platform, without a stepladder.