A KEEN photographer with a passion for biology has been shortlisted for the Royal Society of Biology's photography competition.

Amy Bateman, whose husband farms at Croft Foot Farm, near Kendal, submitted a close-up picture showing the neuro-system in common frogspawn.

She has been selected as one of only 11 entries worldwide to make it onto the shortlist.

Amy said: "It is quite a big achievement for me. I have been doing amateur photography for a few years and have won a few competitions, but this is definitely the biggest one.

"I am off to London tomorrow to see if I have come first."

Amy, who has a background as a physiotherapist and has had a lifelong interest in science, started the project with her children after they found some frogspawn on Lambrigg Fell.

Amy explained: "We decided to do a little conservation project in the garden, and I took photos of the frogspawn developing so the kids could look at it. They loved watching it change at such a small level.

"When this 'hidden world' themed competition was announced I thought it fit the project quite well, so I entered.

"I love my photography, and I gave up my physiotherapy to help on the farm, so it gives me a change to keep on using my brain.

"Pictured is the development of the neuro system in common frogspawn. Macro photography and the lighting style I have created allows imagery of details not normally evident to the human eye."

This year the competition theme was The Hidden World. Photographers were invited to uncover the hidden world of biology.

The entries featured a wide variety of species from across the globe, from as far as Indonesia and Madagascar, and ranged from Amy's microscopic insights into the development of frogspawn, to the incredible emerald hues of an Indian lake photographed from 30,000 feet.

The Photographer of the Year Competition is open to amateur photographers aged 18 and over, and has a top prize of £1000. The Young Photographer of the Year competition is open to amateur photographers aged under 18, and has a top prize of £500.