A KENDAL play park which became a symbol of flood recovery has won a design award from the town’s civic society.

Sandylands Friendship Fields, named by Castle Park School and Sandgate, is largely accessible for kids with disabilities and includes basket swings and picnic tables.

The play area is seen as a great symbol of Sandylands’ fightback l after the floods of 2015 and has now won Kendal Civic Society’s Design Awards Scheme.

“We are very proud,” said Shirley Evans, from Sandylands Residents’ Association. “The fundraising started before the floods and we think the park came to represent something symbolic with the park thriving six months after, being enjoyed by so many children, young people and their families.

“It seemed unique for this design award to go to a play area, as usually different types of buildings and architecture are awarded, so it was very exciting.”

The old park was ‘worn out’, added Shirley, who said letters claimed the park was ‘depressing with nothing for toddlers’.

So Sandylands Residents Association worked closely with playground suppliers Kompan to ensure the area had something for all ages and abilities.

“The idea was to create a social hub as well as a play area,” said Shirley. “Residents often walk past and see parents sitting along benches together having a chat while keeping an eye on their kids having fun which is the idea.”