STUDENTS were overwhelmed and in tears when Diversity star Ashley Banjo gave a masterclass workshop to the young dancers.

The Britain's Got Talent winner offered an incredible opportunity of a lifetime to student from Jennifer’s Dancers Streetdance, which runs classes Kendal, Carnforth, Milnthorpe and Morecambe.

“Many of the kids cried when the Diversity star arrived,” said teacher Jennifer Mayor. "I think they were very overwhelmed by it with the students being shocked and inspired to have such a streetdance inspiration working with them at their home studio.”

Jennifer’s Dancers offers different classes in various dance styles such as streetdance, commercial, hip hop and popping and locking with an aim of building confidence and creating a fun and friendly atmosphere for the kids to thrive in.

“There isn’t the same range of classes available as when you go to cities such as Manchester/London where classes are always readily available, so we like to try bring different teachers to us in order to get best training possible for our dancers," she added.

“He spent an hour and a half with the younger kids and another hour and a half with the older kids. Our dancers had previously been to their studio in Essex and so I had been in contact about classes, however Banjo has a very busy schedule with touring and travelling. He only works with select dance schools and it’s an honour he has come to work with us. "Kendal isn’t typically known as a streetdance area and to have him do a masterclass at our dance school helps change that perception.”