A KEEN gardener from Heversham has started selling a handy box to help people tidy up gardens that are plagued with fallen leaves.

Bill Graff’s ‘Leaf Eazi’ is an easy to carry box designed so that gardeners can rake their leaves into it and then carry it to their compost bins.

Mr Graff said that he was inspired to create the box as a way to make the ‘tedious’ and ‘back breaking’ task of clearing leaves easier.

The 72-year-old has been a gardener for nearly 30 years and believes the Leaf Eazi will offer an affordable solution to a problem that many with the same hobby are faced with.

“I’ve never found anything that’s more efficient actually unless you want to get into the realms of leaf blowers,” he said, explaining that it retails at £9.99.

“For anyone that likes to be outside on the right kind of day for a bit of gardening without wearing yourself out, it’s the ideal piece of equipment.”

The product is supplied to customers as a one piece flat pack cut from long lasting correx and can be assembled for use in less than one minute.

It can be purchased online at www.leafeazi.com or alternatively it is stocked at several local garden centres.

For more details, see the stockist list on the website.