A MAN who has fostered dozens of unwanted racing greyhounds at his South Lakeland home has condemned the "sickening" practice of unofficial' abattoirs where dogs too slow to race are killed.

Over the past two years, Stuart Stott has saved the lives of 34 former racing and coursing dogs, which would otherwise be put down, by looking after them until they can be found permanent families.

But Mr Stott, of Witherslack, believes that around 80 per cent of greyhounds are put down when their racing days are over.

Last week, a Co Durham builders' merchant, David Smith, was exposed running a dog killing business, allegedly shooting the animals through the head before being pictured burying them in his back garden. Over the past 15 years Smith is believed to have ended the lives of around 10,000 greyhounds in such a way.

But Mr Stott, 52, said that the practice was far more widespread and that Smith's actions were just the tip of the iceberg.

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