GLORIOUS sunshine smiled on one of South Lakeland’s oldest shows as it enjoyed a return to its former popularity.

Hundreds of people flocked into the Underley Estate, Kirkby Lonsdale, for Tuesday’s annual Lunesdale Agricultural Show, which chairman of the committee Burt Metcalfe said was the ‘busiest I can remember it’.

He said it had taken three years for the show to get back on its feet after bad weather and a foot and mouth scare stopped it from run-ning in 2007 and 2008.

“There were more entries in almost every category, said Mr Metcalfe. “The treasurer has said that takings are up, which is good for the future of the event. We try to make sure that there is a lot here to keep the children happy, because if they are then the parents will be too.

“This is the nicest weather I can remember for a few years which has helped.”

Securing the supreme champion award in the sheep classes was an 18-month-old Suffolk shearling breed owned by last year’s winner, Allan Blair, of Thornton Cleveleys.

This was the third year in a row the Blair family landed the prestigious award, each show presenting different sheep, which Mr Blair took humbly. “I'm no expert,” Mr Blair said. “I only go to the local shows. This is a good show. I brought her (the winning sheep) here last year as a lamb and she won several prizes so I thought I’d try her this time.”

John Hall, one of the 12 judges for the sheep classes, said he looked out for a sheep that “showed quality, looked good, had character, outstanding whole body and a good stance”.

Landing the supreme cattle award for her second year was the sandy coloured two-year-old limousin, Netherhall cow called Elderberry.

Owner David Kelly, of Nether Hall Farm, Mansergh, said he was “happy” to win and had been worried about showing Elderberry as she had not been in a halter for nearly a year.

“She’s done really well,” said Mr Kelly. “I only support the local shows. I don’t really have any advice for people going to shows - just have a go.”

A host of other activities were on offer, including many to amuse the children who attended the show – from bouncy castles, inflatable laser quest, a story teller and a Punch and Judy show running throughout the day.

Cup and Trophy Winners:


Wyatt Rose Bowl, overall supreme champion: GM&DJ Pye. Burton, Milnthorpe & Carnforth Trophy, champion Jersey: GM&DJ Pye. Colonel Ogden Cup, best local animal: D&M Kelly Spillers Shield, best dairy cow/heifer in calf/milk: GM&DJ Pye. Vale of Lune Harriers Cup, best animal from land VOLH permitted to hunt: D&M Kelly. Westmorland Veterinary Trophy, champion beef: D&M Kelly.


Robert Gibson Cup, overall supreme champion, Suffolk: A Blair. Underfell Trophy, champion Texel group of three sheep: SW Barton. Sir Frank Pearson Cup, champion Blue Faced Leicester: WA&GR Sedgley. Mrs Boyd Cup, champion Mule: JH Pedley. Paget-Tomlinson Cup, champion Teeswater: D Pilkington. Sheep Breeder’s Assoc Trophy, champion Teeswater bred by exhibitor: Gibson & Berry. AP Bickersteth Cup, champion Rough Fell: T,L,B&J Knowles. Lunesdale Cup, champion Masham: M Fawcett & Son. Dalesbred Cup, champion: JH Ryder. Ciba-Geigy Cup, champion Texel: SW Barton. T Atkinson Cup, champion Swaledale: A&L Huddleston. ES Hartley Cup, best aged Swaledale ram: F Brennand. Mrs Ogden Cup, best local bred: JH Pedley. The Anems Cup, champion Suffolk: A Blair. The Newcroft Shield, best breeders group of Suffolks: A Blair. A Bainbridge Trophy, most points: 1=A Blair & J Whitfield . Greenholme Perpetual Trophy, champion native primitive/non-primitive: J Grisedale. Naval & Military Trophy, champion Herdwick: G Harryman.

Sticks & Crooks.

Trophy, champion stick/crook: R Taylor.


Lunesdale Cup, champion Mountain & Moorland pony: Emma Boardman. Sir Frank Pearson Cup, champion Shetland pony: J Woods. E&T Haykin Perpetual Challenge Trophy, best Shetland yearling colt/filly: Blenkarn family. The Hutton Trophy, junior champion Shetland pony: J Woods. Underley Cup, champion show pony mare/gelding: I Mears. Colonel Paget Tomlinson Cup, champion Fell & Dales classes: B Hodgson. William Simms Bowl, champion cob/hunter riding horse: N Worsley. Kevkar Miss Bouncer Cup, winner nursery stakes: Katie Barnes. Wilkinson Memorial Shield, champion agricultural horse: C Airey. Parkwood Stables Trophy, winner private driving: C Simpson.


Best waterfowl: RN Hoggarth. Best juvenile: M&A Fielding. Best eggs: A Martin. Reserve Champion: S Ormerod. Champion in Show: C Slater.


J Pailthorpe Trophy: A Browning. Challenge Trophy: A Browning. Mr & Mrs RT Gibson Trophy: J Tomlin. Bainbridge Trophy: D Oxley.

Junior. T Mason Rose Bowl, best exhibit: Amy Cordukes. Lunesdale Trophy, best exhibit: Amy Cordukes.


Lunesdale Trophy: A Browning. Lunesdale Trophy: C Hoyle.

Roots & cut flowers

Silver Trophy, most points: A Huntington. Barbara Park Trophy, best four pansy blooms: ME Brown.

Floral Art.

Trophy, most points: Charlotte Thompson. Trophy, best exhibit: M Bowring.


Silver Trophy, most points: V Lawson. Junior. Nelson Cup, most points: Charlotte Thompson. Taggie Robinson Trophy, best exhibit: Amy Cordukes.


Home Industries

Handicrafts: Any article worked in cross stitch: 1 P Hanson. Embroidered work, original design: 1 K Stockdale. Any article, tapestry/canvas: 1 A Browning. Bag, any medium, not a kit: 1 V Cowburn. Piece of home made jewellery: 1 S Gibbs. Greeting card, any medium: 1 V Cowburn. Any article, handmade felt: 1 L Prickett. Knitted article for adult: 1 J Tomlin. Knitted article for child: 1 J Tomlin. A soft toy, any medium: 1 SM Scott. Handmade rug: 1 E Scholes. Pin cushion, any medium: 1 SM Scott. Lace, any article: 1 K Pritchard. Crochet, any article: 1 H Onions. Quilted/patchwork article: 1 D Oxley. Festive decoration: 1 A Burrow. Any article, not more than £3: 1 C Knipe. Cushion, not tapestry: 1 D Earl. Any article not specified: 1 S Tetlow. Art. Painted picture, water colours: 1 A Browning. A picture, any other art medium: 1 A Browning. Mounted coloured photos. Spring Time: 1 C Hoyle. ‘Four Legged Friends’: 1 C Hoyle. Any subject, amusing caption: 1 C Hoyle. Children’s Handicraft. Collage, any material: 1 Jessica Rowley. Decorated tin can: 1 Abbie Barnes. Any handwork. Hard material: 1 Beth Cordukes. Soft material U11: 1 Katie Onions. Soft material U16: 1Beth Cordukes. Article made from recycled material: 1 Amy Cordukes. Art, U10s. Mask: 1Ruby Allan. Decorated paper plate: 1 Henry Thompson. Decorated number: 1 Max Holt. Edible necklace: 1 Noah Huntington. Picture drawn/painted, any medium: 1 Grace Allan. Decorated bookmark, U16: 1 Anna Bowers. U16s. Envelope addressed to home industries secretary: 1 Abbie Barnes. Animal made of fruit/vegetables: 1 Ben Hesletine. Picture drawn/painted, any medium: 1 Beth Cordukes. Homemade jewellery: 1 Amy Cordukes. Mounted colour photo. Winter Fun: 1 Abbie Barnes; Water: 1 Oscar Ross; Any other subject: 1 Elizabeth Newton. Floral Art, Juniors - Width under 24”. Age to 16 years - Miniature seaside scene on a plate: 1 Noah Huntington. Arrangement in a basket: 1 Charlotte Thompson. Buttonhole: 1 Charlotte Thompson. Adults. Arrangement in unusual container: 1 M Bowring. ‘small is beautiful’, fresh flowers 10” cube: 1 K Hodgson. Arrangement in a basket: 1 M Bowring. Roots and Cut Flowers. 4 white kidney potatoes: 1 ME Brown. 4 white round potatoes: 1 ME Brown. 4 coloured potatoes: 1 T Nelson. Cabbage with roots: 1 T Barnes. 4 onions, under 8oz, from sets: 1 T Burnett. 3 beetroot: 1 T Nelson. 5 tomatoes: J Maddock. 4 broad beans: A Huntingdon. Longest stick, rhubarb: 1 A Huntington. Lettuce with roots: 1 A Huntington. Truss of tomatoes, green or other: 1 M Bowring. A cucumber: 1 K Hodgson. 4 pods of peas 1 J Maddock. Flowering pot plant: 1 V Cowburn. A rose: 1 ME Brown. 6 stems, sweet peas: 1 ME Brown. 3 cacti dahlias: 1 ME Brown. 3 pom pom dahlias: 1 ME Brown. 3 decorative dahlias: 1 A Huntington. 3 phlox: 1 ME Brown. 4 pansy blooms: 1 M Bowring. 3 antirrhinums: 1 ME Brown. Bowl of mixed flowers: 1 A Huntingdon. Produce. Loaf of white bread: 1 J Howarth. Loaf of brown/wholemeal bread: 1 E Scholes. A fruit cake: 1 K Hodgson. Tea loaf suitable for butter: 1 V Lawson. Sweet with biscuit base: 1 V Lawson. Sponge cake, no filling: 1 CT Hudson. 4 pieces of cooked tray bake: 1 J Williams. Victoria sandwich, baked in 1 tin, jam filled, decorated with caster sugar: 1 B Head. Egg custard: 1 B Gorst. 6 pieces of shortbread: 1 DM Nelson. 4 fruit scones: 1 S Prickett. Savoury flan: 1 C Bagot. Apple Pie: 1 M Barton. Jar, raspberry jam: 1 E Scholes. Jar, strawberry jam: 1 B Taylor. Jar, blackcurrant jam: 1 B Taylor. Jar, lemon curd: 1 V Lawson. Jar, chutney: 1 K Hodgson. Dish, rum butter: 1 B Head. Lemon meringue pie: 1 K Hodgson. Gingerbread: 1 V Lawson. Chocolate cake, baked in 1 tin, undecorated, with filling: 1 V Lawson. Swiss roll: 1 V Lawson. Bottle, homemade liqueur: 1 B Taylor. Children’s classes. U16s. Dish, peppermint creams: 1 Beth Cordukes. 4 cup cakes: 1 Abbie and Tom Barnes. 4 ginger biscuits: 1 Ellie Thompson. 4 pieces, uncooked tray bake: 1 Elizabeth Newton. Party sandwich: 1 Amy Cordukes. 4 pieces flapjack: 1 Charlotte Thompson.


Open Mountain and Moorland Ponies. Best registered yearling 2/3yrs gelding or filly: 1 I Gawith; 2 J Lund; 3 M Fisher. BSPS Heritage M&M. Lead Rein to 122cm: 1 Olivia Taylor; 2 Sophie Barker; 3 Arran Greenwood. Open First Ridden to 122cm: 1 Georgiana Foster; 2 Joshua Naylor; 3 Connor Murtagh. Ridden. Mixed breeds, any age: 1 Georgiana Foster; 2 Rachel Thompson; 3 Joshua Naylor. Large Breeds any age: 1 Emma Boardman; 2 Mollie Wagstaff; 3 Emma Addison. Shetland Ponies. Stallion or colt 2yrs and over: 1&2 Blenkarn family. Geld mares/geldings, 4yrs and over: 1 C Ramsey; 2 A Edge; 3 L Clarkson. Mare with foal at foot: 1 J Woods; 2 A Edge. Foal with dams: 1 A Edge; 2 J Woods. Fillies or geldings, 2-3yrs: 1 J Woods; 2 M Thompson; 3 H Warwick. Best yearling colt, filly or gelding: 1 Blenkarn Fam. Progeny: 1 J Ramsey; 2 Blenkarn Fam. Best miniature pony, less than 34”: 1 J Woods; 2 C Ramsey; 3 G Ramsey. Open Private Driving Class (single or pairs). Horses 4yrs and over: 1 C Simpson; 2 RE Dixon; 3 D Escolme. Lead Rein: 1 Jennifer Bowman; 2 Hettie-Mae Horn; 3 Marcia Elliot. First ridden, mare/gelding: 1 Ellie Simmonds; 2 Hettie-May Horn; 3 Charis Knipe. Show Pony Championship. Best pony, mare/gelding to 128cm: 1 H Dennison; 2 Nikkita Guy; 3 Emily Barker. Best pony, mare/gelding, over 4yrs: 1 Isabella Mears; 2 Zoe Burton; 3 Emily Richardson. Best pony, mare/gelding, 138-148cms: 1 Rebecca Anderson; 2 Claudia Pye; 3 Holly Harford. Best novice, show pony, mare or gelding: 1Holly Harford; 2 Phoebe Mallinson; 3 Emily Richardson. Best intermediate riding, pony/mare or gelding: 1 Claudia Pye; 2 Laura Eccles; 3 Rachel Metcalfe. Local Rider U14: 1 Harry Hoggarth; 2 Emily White; 3 Zoe Burton. Local Rider, 14yrs and over: 1 Mollie Wagstaff; 2 Victoria Wison; 3 Louise Mawson. Coloured Horse and Pony. Best ridden: 1 Glen Allen; 2 Rachel Gill; 3 Emily White. 4 years and over: 1 Jill Cragg; 2 Andrea Lishman; 3 Emma Scales. Best in hand (any age): 1 J Armstrong-Lancaster; 2 No.906; 3 Cora Ramsey. Fell & Dales. Best registered. Yearling/two-yr colt/filly/gelding: 1 H Robinson; 2&3 A Smith. Geld mare or gelding over 3yrs: 1 B Hodgson; 2 H Robinson; 3 C Wrigley. Ridden pony: 1 J Robinson; 2 H Watson; 3 A Robinson. Cobs. Best weight carrying riding cob to 155cm, ridden: 1 N Worsley; 2 A Lishman; 3 E Jones. Best riding horse more than 147cm: 1 D Bamford; 2 T Benson; 3 K Knipe. Hunters (open). Best mare/gelding: 1 C Worsley; 2 E Huntingford; 3 A Fligg. Working Hunter. Open, more than 152cms: 1 Katie Heginbotham; 2 Lauren Wood. Open, intermediate 148-158cm: 1 A Wybergh; 2 K Hughes. Ponies, 143-153cm: 1 Jazmyn Brocklebank; 133-143cm: 1 Alasdair Prickett 2 Lorcan Murtagh. Nursery stakes, ponies, to 133cm: 1 Katie Barnes; 2 Leah Clough. Cradle stakes, ponies, to 122cm: 1 Nikkita Guy. Mixed height novice not over 158cm: 1 Francesca Heginbotham; 2 Alasdair Prickett; 3 Lorcan Murtagh. BSPS Heritage mixed height ponies: 1 Nikkita Guy; 2 Isaac Pye; 3 Emma Addison. Open Show Hunter Pony - 143-153cms: 1 April Higgin; 133-143cm: 1 Abigail Gresty, 2 Glen Allen, 3 Emily Fleming; 122-133cm: 1 Isabella Mears, 2 Emily Richardson; Under 22cms: Emily Barker. Intermediate, 148-158cms: 1 Abigail Gresty; 2 Amy Wybergh; 3 Mollie Smith. Ridden, Fancy Dress (Open). Mounted on horses or ponies, in costume: 1= Amy Kitching, Amie Roche; 2 Zara Clough; 3 Hettie Horn. Jumping Events. Senior, newcomers: 1 J Robinson; 2 P Hawtin; 3 L Wood. Horse & hound foxhunter: 1 K Drysdale; 2 K Raine; 3 G Turner. Agricultural Horses (open to UK). Best yearling or 2yr colt, gelding/filly: 1&2 G Dodd. Best brood mare with foal at foot: 1 C. Airey; 2 C Braithwaite. Best colt/filly foal: 1 C Airey; 2 D Woodend. Best barren mare/gelding, more than 3yrs: 1 R Stephenson; 2 G Dodd; 3 SJ&D Steadman. In-hand Breeding. 1,2,3yrs: 1 J Heap; 2 M Fisher; 3 J Sillitoe. Over 4yrs: 1 L Russell; 2 E Fleming.


Jersey. Best maiden heifer: 1&2 Messrs Waller. Best cow in calf: 1 Messrs Waller. Best heifer in milk: 1&3 GM&DJ Pye; 2 Messrs Waller. Best cow in milk: 1&2 GM & DJ Pye. Best group, 3 females, bred by exhibitor: 1 GM & DJ Pye; 2 Messrs Waller. Limousin. Best heifer under 3yrs: 1 D&M Keller; 2 TC&CA Altham; 3 IK&AM Grisedale. Best cow over 3yrs: 1 D&M Kelly; 2 IK & AM Grisedale. Best bull, any age: 1 D&M Kelly; 2 D&S Robinson. British Blue. Best heifer under 3yrs: 1&2 J Stephenson; 3 TC & CA Altham. Best bull, any age: 1 J Stephenson. Commercial Beef. Best bullock, any age: 1&2 J Stephenson. Young Handler Class. Best Young Handler Under 15, showing calf under 12 months: 1 Hannah Sowerby; 2 Jessica Bailey; 3 Jack Sowerby. Best dairy calf U12 months shown by handler U15yrs: 1 Hannah Sowerby; 2 Ben Sowerby; 3 Natalie Waller. Best beef calf U12 months shown by handler U15yrs: 1 J Stephenson; 2 Jessica Bailey; 3 aura Stephenson.


Suffolk. Best ram lamb: 1&2 A Blair. Best gimmer lamb: 1 R Batty; 2&3 A Blair. Best shearling ram: 1 R Batty; 2 J Greenwood. Best, 1-shear, gimmer not fed for butcher: 1&2 A Blair. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&2 A Blair; 3 MJ Greenwood. Best breeders: 1&2 A Blair; 3 R Batty. Bluefaced Leicester. Best ram lamb: 1 Allan & Watson; 2 WJ Barker; 3 WA&GR Sedgley. Best gimmer lamb: 1 WA & GR Sedgley; 2 Allan & Watson; 3 J Whitfield. Best shearling ram: 1 BJ&JS Watson; 2 G Fairburn. Best aged ram: 1 G Fairburn; 2 BJ&JS Watson. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 J Whitfield; 2 PD&PJ Ellis; 3 BJ&JS Watson. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 J Whitfield; 2 G Fairburn; 3 PD&PJ Ellis. Mule Sheep. Best shearling/stock ewe: 1,2&3 JA Lawson & Son. Best gimmer lamb: 1 JH Pedley; 2 G White; 3 Allan & Watson. Best pair of gimmer lambs: 1 G White; 2 J&A Lawson; 3 JH Pedley. Best pen of 5 gimmer lambs: 1 JH Pedley; 2 G White; 3 J&A Lawson & Son. Teeswater Best ram lamb: 1&2 D Pilkington; 2 Gibson & Berry; 3 RA Dawson. Best gimmer lamb: 1&2 D Pilkington; 3 Gibson & Berry. Best shearling lamb: 1&3 Gibson & Berry; 2 D Pilkington. Best aged ram: 1&2 Gibson & Berry; 3 D Pilkington. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 D Pilkington 2 RA Dawson; 3 Gibson & Berry. Best ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&3 D Pilkington; 2 Gibson & Berry. Masham. Best gimmer lamb: 1&3 M Fawcett & Sons; 2 Messrs Atkinson. Best pair of gimmer lambs: 1 M Fawcett & Son; 2&3 J Whitfield. Best pen, 5 gimmers: 1 M Fawcett & Sons; 2 J Whitfield; 3 Messrs Atkinson. Rough Fell. Best ram lamb: 1 T,I,B & J Knowles; 2 A Harrison; 3 D & HM Watson. Best gimmer lamb: 1 T,I,B &J Knowles 2 D & HM Watson; 3 S Alderson. Best shearling ram: 1 T,I,B &J Knowles; 2 D & HM Watson; 3 S Alderson. Best aged ram: 1&3 T,I,B &J Knowles; 2 S Alderson. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 D & HM Watson; 2 A Harrison; 3 S Alderson. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 S Alderson; 2&3 T,I,B &J Knowles. Dalesbred. Best ram lamb: 1 JH Ryder; 2 J & AJ Coates; 3 T&JM Fawcett. Best gimmer lamb: 1 JH Ryder; 2 J&AJ Coates; 3 T&JM Fawcett. Best shearling ram: 1 JH Ryder; 2 Gibson & Berry; 3 T&JM Fawcett. Best aged ram: 1 JH Ryder; 2 J&AJ Coates. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1&3 J&AJ Coates; 2 JH Ryder. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 JH Ryder; 2 J&AJ Coates. Best group of 3 (1 male, 2 females) in hands of breeder: 1 JH Ryder. Texel. Best gimmer lamb: 1 SW Barton; 2 J Robinson; 3 J Garth & Son. Best ram lamb: 1 M McHugh; 2 H Huddleston & Son; 3 SW Barton. Best shearling ram: 1 SW Barton; 2 J Robinson; 3 H Huddleston & Son. Best aged ram: 1&2 RA Ladds; 2 SW Barton. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 H Huddleston; 2 S Barton; 3 M McHugh. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 SW Barton; 2 Messrs Ladds; 3 H Huddleston & Son. Best group of 3 (1 male, 2 females) in hands of breeder: 1 SW Barton. Swaledale. Best ram Lamb: 1 A&L Huddleston; 2 J&S Lawson & Son; 3 F Brennand. Best gimmer lamb: 1&2 A&L Huddleston; 3 JA& Lawson & Son. Best shearling ram: 1 A&L Huddleston; 2 AP Keiley. Best aged ram: 1 F Brennand; 2 A&L Huddleston; 3 S Taylor. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 A&L Huddleston; 2 F Brennand; 3 S Taylor. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 S Taylor; 2 F Brennand; 3 A&L Huddleston. Wensleydale. Best ram lamb: 1 A Tattersall; 2 E Walmsley. Best gimmer lamb: 1 A Tattersall; 2 E Walmsley. Best shearling or aged ram: 1 A Tattersall. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 A Tattersall; 2 E Walmsley; 3 L Clarkson. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 A Tattersall. Herdwick. Best ram lamb: 1 Grave & Watson; 2 G Harryman; 3 H Fawcett. Best gimmer lamb: 1 G Harryman; 2 Grave & Watson; 3 IK & AM Grisedale. Best shearling ram: 1 G Harryman; 2 Grave & Watson; 3 IK & AM Grisedale. Best aged ram: 1&3 G Harryman; 2 Grave & Watson. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 IK & AM Grisedale; 2 Grave & Watson; 3 H Fawcett. Best stock ewe, suckled this year: 1 Grave & Watson; 2 G Harryman; 3 IK&AM Grisedale. Beltex. Best ram lamb: 1&2 J Garth & Son; 3 M&E Jennings. Best gimmer lamb: 1 J Garth & Son; 2&3 M&E Jennings. Best shearling and aged ram: 1 J Garth & Son; 2&3 M&E Jennings. Best ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&2 M&E Jennings. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1&3 J Garth & Son; 2 M&E Jennings. Best group of 3 (1 male, 2 females): 1 J Garth & Son. Zwartble. Best ram lamb: 1&2 R Heigh; 3 T Sutcliffe. Best gimmer lamb: 1&2 R Heigh; 3 T Sutcliffe. Best shearling/aged ram: 1 R&J Lambert. Best ewe, suckled lambs this year: 1 T Sutcliffe; 2&3 R Heigh. Best 1-shear gimmer: 1 T Sutcliffe; 2&3 R&J Lambert. Best group of 3 (1 male, 2 females): 1 R Heigh. Shetland Sheep. Best ram lamb: 1 N Bennett; 2 BJ&JS Watson; 3 A,J&K Bennett. Best gimmer lamb: 1 A,J&K Bennett; 2 Mr&Mrs Parkin; 3 N Bennett. Best shearling/aged ram: 1&3 Mr&Mrs Parkin 2 AJ & K Bennett. Best shearling ewe: 1 BJ & JS Watson; 2 N Bennett; 3 Mr&Mrs Parkin. Best stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 AJ & K Bennett; 2 N Bennett; 3 BJ&JS Watson. Fat Lambs. Best pen of 3, worth most per pound: 1&2 J Garth & Son; 3 SW Barton. Native Non-Primitive. Best non-primitive male shearling: 1&3 JR&A Lane; 2 D Graveston. Best primitive female shearling: 1&3 D Graveston; 2 JR&A Lane. Best primitive ram lamb: 1 D Graveston; 2&3 JR&A Lane. Best primitive female lamb: 1&3 D Graveston; 2 JR&A Lane. Best non-primitive male shearling: 1 J Grisedale; 2 K Tattersall; 3 T&JM Fawcett. Best non-primitive female shearling: 1&3 J Grisedale; 2 T&JM Fawcett. Best non-primitive ram lamb: 1 K Tattersall; 2 J Grisedale; 3 E Walmsley. Best non-primitive female lamb: 1 T&JM Fawcett; 2 J Grisedale. Best group of 3 (1 male, 2 females): 1 J Grisedale.

Sticks and Crooks

Shepherd’s Crook. Plain head horn: 1 DM Earl; 2 RW Cannan; 3 B Lucas. Natural head in one piece: 1&2 RW Cannan; 3 DM Earl. Mixed wood: 1 RW Cannan; 2 DM Earl; 3 G Rennie. Walking stick. Plain horn head: 1&3 RW Cannan; 2 G Rennie. Natural head in one piece: 1&3 RW Cannan; 2 DM Earl. Fancy stick or crook. Horn head: 1&3 RW Cannan; 2 G Rennie. Natural head: 1&2 RTaylor; 3 RW Cannan. Ladies Stick. Horn and natural head: 1 G Rennie; 2&3 RW Cannan. Best Stick or Crook: Champion, R Taylor; Reserve, RW Cannan; Stick or Crook Trophy, R Taylor.


Wyandotte Male or Female: 1&2 M German. Any variety heavy breed soft feather m/f. 1 D Fielding; 2&3 F Koncyznski. Any variety soft breed feather m/f: 1&3 D Fielding; 2 G&J Thornton. Crossbred Laying Hen: 1 N&E Horrocks; 2&3 D Fielding. Waterfowl. Any Colour Runner Duck or Drake: 1 RN Hoggarth; 2&3 M German. Any Other Variety Duck or Drake. 1 M German. Bantams Hard Feather. Old English male/female. Black/Blue: 1 S Ormerod. Spangle: 1&2 RJ Brown; 3 K Hebblethwaite. Old English Game Black or Dark Red Male: 1,2&3 RJ Brown. Old English Game Cockerel Any Colour 2010 Bred. 1 RJ Brown; 2 K Hebblethwaite. Bantams Soft Feather. Wyandotte Barred m/f. 1&2 M German; 3 R Hoggarth. Wyandotte AOC Self m/f: 1,2&3 J Maddock. Wyandotte Silver Pencilled Partridge m/f: 1&2 M German; 3 R Hoggarth. Wyandotte AOC male. 1&2 R Hoggarth; 3 M German. Leghorn Self Colour m/f: 1,2&3 G&J Thornton. Leghorn AOC m/f: 1&2 G&J Thornton. Ancona m/f: N&E Horrocks. Sussex Male or Female. 1&2 S Ormerod; 3 B Slater. Rhode Island Red Male or Female. 1&2 TM Pye. Rock any other Colour Male or Female. 1 B Slater; 2 TM Pye; 3 S Ormerod. Pekin m/f: 1&2 P German. Dutch m/f: 1,2&3 K Hebblethwaite. Belgian m/f: 1,2&3 K Hebblethwaite. Any variety true bantam m/f: 1 P German; 2&3 K Hebblethwaite. Any variety, soft feather: 1 C Slater; 2 K Hebblethwaite; 3 J Barton. Any variety, soft feather bantam cockerel 2011 bred: 1 K Hebblethwaite; 2 S Ormerod; 3 D Thomson. Any variety soft feather bantam pullet 2011 Bred: 1 S Ormerod; 2 R Hoggarth; 3 D Thomson. Juvenile Class, large or bantam any variety: 1 M&A Fielding; 2&3 N Thornton. Eggs. Three Waterfowl Eggs: 1&2 GC Taylor. Three hen eggs brown: 1 GC Taylor; 2 D Fielding; 3 A Martin. Three hens eggs tinted. 1&2 GC Taylor; 3 N&E Horrocks. Three hens eggs any other colour: 1 A Martin; 2 N&E Horrocks; 3 GC Taylor. One hen egg supreme: 1 D Fielding; 2 GC Taylor; 3 J Lambert. One hen eggs contents. 1 Mrs Chorley; 2 S Roberts; 3 RC Taylor. Three Bantam Eggs Brown; 1 GC Taylor. Three Bantam Eggs Tinted. 1 GC Taylor; 2 A Martin. Three Bantam Eggs AOC. 1 GC Taylor; A Martin; J Barton. One Bantam Egg Supreme. 1 J Benson; 2 GC Taylor; 3 Mrs Chorley. One bantam egg contents. 1 N&E Horrocks; 2 J Lambert; 3 GC Taylor. Three bantam eggs, brown: 1 N&E Horrocks; 2 A. Martin. Three bantam eggs, tinted: 1 GC Taylor; 2 RJ Brown; 3 J Lambert. Three bantam eggs, aoc 1&2 GC Taylor; 3 A Martin. One bantam egg, supreme: 1&2 D Fielding; 3 A Martin. One bantam egg, contents: 173 a Martin; 2 GC Taylor. Three eggs different colours. 1 A Martin; 2 N&E Horrocks; 3 GC Taylor. All Poultry Prizes. Champion: C Slater. Reserve Champion: S Ormerod. Best Waterfowl: RN Hoggarth. Best Juvenile: M&A Fielding. Best Eggs: A Martin.