A POLICE officer, who was shot by an armed robber, has a new crime-fighting partner.

PC Katie Jones, who suffered 12 pellet wounds in her leg while responding to a 999 call at a pub in 2007, will now be joined by 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy Jago.

The pup has joined a team of 35 dogs, who work with officers throughout Lancashire tracking, and catching, burglars, as well as firearms and drug offenders.

The new recruit will undergo a year-and-a-half of training before officially replacing a retiring dog from the unit.

Jago will be trained by, and also live with, the Ormskirk PC, who has now made a full recovery.

PC Jones, who was shot at the Hospital Inn, Brindle Road, Bamber Bridge, said: “Jago is just settling into things at the moment, including being involved in quite an extensive training regime.

“He is an energetic little character who I know will be an excellent police dog when ready.

“Dogs are known for their superb sense of smell, and one of his key tasks will be to use his scent skills to find wanted people, or illegal goods.”

Jago will work until he is seven years old when he will retire to enjoy his old age.

Lancashire’s most famous police dog was Diesel, a prize-winner, who was so sad after his handler emigrated that he lost his job.

In 2006, the German Shepherd Diesel pined so much for his handler John Gallagher that he no longer performed properly.

Mr Gallagher later paid £2,000 in air fares for Diesel to fly 12,000 miles to live with him in New Zealand.