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Making e-mail marketing work for you

4:43pm Friday 1st March 2013

Email marketing can work extremely well as an affordable way to reach your customers!

Summer approaches - so it's reinvention time!

The Westmorland Gazette: Mothers Day Present Making

5:13pm Thursday 14th February 2013

As summer approaches (we hope!), will you wear the same clothes from last season, or will you buy some new items and refresh your wardrobe? I’m guessing the answer is likely to be the latter, so why not take the same approach and refresh your business?

Digital marketing trends for 2013

The Westmorland Gazette: Social Media Guide - released

4:40pm Monday 4th February 2013

The online marketing environment is constant and ever changing.

Future-proofing your business

5:57pm Friday 25th January 2013

What lessons can we learn from Britain’s failing High Street?

The importance of business networking

5:33pm Tuesday 18th December 2012

With Christmas upon us, we’re all getting into the festive spirit and spending our hard earned cash. But what happens when the tills fall silent and the shadow of January passes overhead?

Why does your business need PR?

The Westmorland Gazette: Good PR will help your business get noticed

11:47am Wednesday 28th November 2012

You need PR because, in order to survive in the marketplace, you must communicate more effectively than your competitors.

How to improve your marketing

5:33pm Tuesday 20th November 2012

Successful marketing doesn’t just happen. It is the result of forward planning and a strategic approach. If you are unhappy with your current marketing message you have the power to change it. You must take control of your marketing by focussing on your strategy so it is in line with you, your brand and your customers.

Press releases: How to pen a masterpiece

The Westmorland Gazette: Police warn avid internet users about dangers of surfing

1:11pm Friday 9th November 2012

Writing a press release is your way to capture the attention of journalists in the hope that they will cover your story.

The six Ps of marketing: Passion

10:10am Monday 29th October 2012

The Marketing Clinic has been gradually been working through the ‘six Ps of marketing’ to ensure that you have in place all processes to enable an effective marketing programme for your business. This week, we look in further detail at the sixth and final P: Passion.

The six Ps of marketing: Promotion

The Westmorland Gazette: Pre-Loved Baby and Toddler Sale

10:44am Friday 12th October 2012

In ‘the Marketing Clinic’, we have been working our way through the ‘six Ps of marketing’, to enable an ongoing and successful marketing strategy that actually works. This week, we will look in further detail at the fifth ‘P’: Promotion.

The six Ps of marketing: People

10:41am Friday 12th October 2012

In ‘the Marketing Clinic’, we have been working our way through the ‘six Ps of marketing’, to enable a consistent, effective and successful marketing strategy. This week, we will look in further detail at the fourth ‘P’: People.

The six Ps of marketing: Price

The Westmorland Gazette: Every pennies counts

10:34am Friday 12th October 2012

In ‘the Marketing Clinic’, we have been working our way through the ‘six Ps of marketing’, to be assured of an effective and successful marketing strategy. This week, we will look in further detail at the third ‘P’: Price

The six Ps of marketing: Place

5:19pm Thursday 20th September 2012

In ‘the Marketing Clinic’, we have been working our way through the ‘6 p’s of marketing’, ensuring a healthy and successful marketing strategy. This week, we will look in further details at the second ‘P’: Place

The six Ps of marketing: Product

The Westmorland Gazette: Thinking about what makes your product unique will help you develop your marketing strategy

10:50am Friday 7th September 2012

Last week, we looked at the 6 Ps of marketing that enable a healthy and successful marketing strategy, so let’s take a look in more detail the first one: product .

Finding your way with the six Ps of marketing

2:01pm Tuesday 28th August 2012

There are 6 Ps that will help you create a successful marketing strategy.

Media Relations – what’s the secret?

The Westmorland Gazette: Working with the press can help you promote your business

11:06am Tuesday 21st August 2012

PR expert Jo Spencer offers tips on how to work with the press.

Media relations - what's the secret?

5:07pm Monday 13th August 2012

What is Media Relations?

The power of the blog!

The Westmorland Gazette: Get blogging to promote your business!

4:44pm Monday 6th August 2012

What is a Blog?

How can Twitter help my business?

The Westmorland Gazette: Embrace the power of Twitter to help spread the word about your business

1:50pm Wednesday 25th July 2012

The Twitter phenomenon has taken the world by storm and is now used by more than 500 million users worldwide.

What's my message?

9:00am Tuesday 17th July 2012

Businesses often send mixed messages to their clients, claiming high quality products for example, but presenting them poorly. Or they create a pointless strapline about themselves and their ‘fantastic solutions’ and repeat it continuously! You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention so a well-developed marketing message is absolutely key.

Embrace the power of social media

The Westmorland Gazette: Get social media savvy to help your business grow

11:57am Tuesday 10th July 2012

The Power of Social Media - Facebook! Like it or loathe it, the power of social media is hard to ignore. It is a relatively new development, but one that isn’t going to go away. Facebook is evolving rapidly and becoming more and more relevant for businesses. Set-up a ‘Fan’ Page and post news and stories to it as often as you can. It’s easy for family and friends to join in and is very low cost, except for time! If you do have a budget, think about Facebook adverts. They can be very targeted, but you do need a website or extensive Facebook site to fully take advantage of them.

Different ways to spend your marketing budget

The Westmorland Gazette: Find the best way to tell people about your business

3:05pm Wednesday 4th July 2012

We are once again looking this week at the differing ways in which marketing budgets can be spent . . .

Making the most of your website

12:38pm Friday 29th June 2012

In this day and age, a website is an essential marketing tool. It functions as another ‘shop window’ if you like, available for the world to view. If you decide to set up a website for your business, be aware of the basics before you start . . .

How should you decide how to spend your marketing money?

The Westmorland Gazette: mastering the internet could be key to setting up your business

11:52am Wednesday 20th June 2012

There are many ways in which you can spend your money when it comes to your marketing. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at the various avenues open to the owner of the small business.

Why does your business need marketing?

The Westmorland Gazette: Masteering marketing could be the key to making your business a success

9:36am Thursday 14th June 2012

What is marketing and why do I need it? Marketing is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “the business activity of presenting products or services in such a way as to make them desirable”. Whether you’re on the high street or a small independent retailer, it is essential to make your product and services attractive to potential buyers or your business will fail. Market, Message, Media – the 3 ‘M’s: These are the only three things you need to think about:

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