A NEW range of drinks using water sourced from the Holy Well of Cartmel has been launched.

Lamb & Watt has released four new thirst-quenching beverages made from Willow spring water.

The water is renowned for its healing qualities - having first been discovered by the Augustinian Monks in the 12th Century below the surface on Cartmel Fell.

Willow Water takes its name from the pre-historic forest of willow trees. The peat formed from the remains of the forest combine with a layer of limestone to create a unique geology giving it a special blend of minerals including high levels of calcium.

The new drinks are a naturally flavoured, low-calorie British tonic with no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives - called Original.

And three new flavoured Lamb & Watt tonics have all the unique attributes of Original, but are ideal for those who like to experiment with their tipples of choice.

Innovative and exciting Basil, Cucumber and Hibiscus tonic flavours will liven up any cocktail or spirit - or are equally as thirst quenching on their own.

Lamb & Watt Tonics are available to purchase online in 200ml bottles from amazon.com or drinksupermarket.com.