LAKELAND hunt supporters were unfazed by thethreat of a Bill speeding through Parliament which could mean that thisyear's annual Boxing Day hunt was the last.

Hard under footconditions but did not deter more than 150 people, who gathered atAmbleside's Market Cross to accompany the ConistonFoxhounds.

The mood was as buoyant as ever with hunt membersand followers now accustomed to living with uncertainty over the future ofthe centuries-old sport, said huntsman Mike Nicholson.

Theymoved off at 9.30am, leaving the village and climbing up on to Loughriggwhere they immediately found a fox.

In the evening, a numberof new faces were seen at Ambleside's Conservative Club where everyonetook part in a singsong.

"The Boxing Day hunt is always apopular meeting and we had as many supporters as we usuallydo.

"It was a beautiful day - although frost is not good forhunting - and Loughrigg is a nice easy place to walk round.

Itwas nice to be out and we had a good afternoon," said MrNicholson.

Mr Nicholson said the hunt was keenly awaiting theresult of a free vote in which MPs will decide to call for an outrightban, introduce regulation or back self-regulation forhunters.

"There is not much we can do at the moment but wehave been lobbying, sending letters and we will be taking part in theLivelihood and Liberty March in London on March 18," hesaid.

Have your say: thisisthelakedistrict's current vote onthe fox hunting issue is proving to be our most popular todate.

You can vote on the three options promised forparliament: keep hunting as it is, create new regulations or ban thehunt.

Go to the Vote option in the quick access menu on thehome page, and log your view.

Results will be published in thenew year.