A MYSTIC mother-of-two is spreading her wings and expanding her angel guidance business.

Amanda Tooke, 43, gave a short talk on angels and spirits at the Damson Dene Hotel, Crosthwaite, last summer and it appeared on Channel 4 series The Hotel a fortnight ago.

Since then, Mrs Tooke said scores of interested people had inquired about her Mystic Moon business, which she is running at her home studio on Lindeth Lane, in Windermere.

The spiritualist has created a meditation CD called Angel Awareness, which she says helps people meet their guardian angels.

Mrs Tooke is now set to publish her first book to ‘help people get to know their spiritual guides and connect with their guardian angels’.

“I’ve taken all my direction from upstairs and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve achieved since I first set up my shop on Main Street,” she added.

“My own angels, Geoff and Lucas, have helped me over the last 18 months - with everything aspect of my life and now the phone never stops ringing.”

Mrs Tooke will close her store to focus on courses and complete her novel.